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An eCommerce Site Drives More than 88,700 Registrations in Under a Month

Written by: Jennie White, Marketing Associate

Nanigans is privileged to work with highly technical teams who are dedicated to meeting their performance goals. When an eCommerce client comes to us with monthly, quarterly, or yearly goals we pride ourselves on rising to the challenge and partnering with the client to meet and hopefully exceed their expectations. An eCommerce company not scaling their customer base will have a short shelf life, which is why acquiring new customers via registrations is crucial for growth and increasing profit margins.


In January, a popular eCommerce company and longstanding customer came to Nanigans with the goal to drive new member registrations while maintaining a positive ROI.


  • Targeting: The advertiser used its in-house CRM to pull a list of users who had shown interest or intent towards a specific brand and create a Custom Audience list to enter into Ad Engine. They were then able to generate a Lookalike audience — a group of people who exhibit similar behavior as the current customers found in their Custom Audience — and market to them via mobile and desktop ad units.
  • Creative: The campaign launched in January with seasonal products like winter boots; a best practice for creative because of its timeliness and relevancy to shoppers. In this particular eCommerce campaign, heavy-duty winter boots on a white background drove over 33% of the total new member registrations.
  • Optimization: The advertiser’s approach to optimization was continual creative testing. They took the best performing copy and tested it with roughly four new creatives, introduced on an as-needed basis. Ad Engine makes it easy to automate creative testing, and tweaks can be made instantaneously using Performance Analysis. Metrics the advertiser chose to examine and optimize during this campaign were cost-per-click (CPC), click-through-rate (CTR), action rate (AR) for mobile app installs and registrations, and percent yield. 


After one month of identifying high performing Lookalike audiences while refreshing and testing creative, the eCommerce company saw over 88,700 new member registrations. Alongside these new members there were over 9,300+ total purchases.  The eCommerce company was able to aggressively scale registrations and purchases while maintaining positive ROI for the month of January — a feat that underscores the importance of running holistic campaigns that involve continuous testing of targeting and creative combinations.

Are you an eCommerce company interested in scaling your customer base? Reach out to us today!

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