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5 Key Benefits of In-House Digital Advertising [Infographic]

Written by: Mike Lamy, Director, Corporate Marketing

When it comes to digital advertising, we know it pays to keep it in the family.

Digital leaders realize they no longer need to funnel online advertising budgets through multiple third parties (which each take their own cut of the action). “If you bring that team in-house, you have an opportunity to share cross-channel findings, be agile, to do more with programmatic,” says Kathy O’Dowd, senior manager for programmatic buying in North America at Netflix. “That’s an amazing opportunity to take advantage of.”

The rise of sophisticated publisher-direct ad automation platforms has allowed companies to reign in their digital advertising efforts under one roof and reap the benefits that come with in-house control.

Bringing digital advertising in-house to truly own user acquisition and remarketing campaigns from start to finish is a growing trend. We’ve boiled down five of the top benefits of this approach, from welcome cost savings to speed and performance gains that can significantly boost the bottom line.

Take a look at the infographic below (and see the full-size version here) for an at-a-glance perspective on in-house digital advertising: the foundation of performance marketing success.


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