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Conversion Tools Go Self-Service on Ad Engine

Written by: Jeffrey Vocell, Head of Product Marketing

Getting started using new software is generally not easy, especially when it comes to enterprise software. At Nanigans, we recently announced our move towards a self-service SaaS platform for in-house marketers and as a result, have been working to not only incorporate key UX principles into our design, but also ensure in-house marketers can set up Ad Engine themselves, without the help of a Nanigans account team. While we’ve always tracked conversions – and our optimization technology heavily uses data from conversions – we are now focused on enabling in-house marketers to be able to create, edit, and test conversions themselves.

Conversions are the cornerstone of our optimization engine. They define how our algorithms will work to get you the best value for your goals. For example, an eCommerce site might set up Conversions for registration, product view, add to cart, and purchase, then might have one campaign that optimizes towards adding items to the cart and another that optimizes towards purchases.

That’s why we’re introducing a suite of new self-service Conversion tools aimed to help in-house marketers easily set up and configure tracking as the foundation for successful ad campaigns. These tools enable any Nanigans customer to easily step through a wizard-driven process to set up conversions and generate conversion pixels, then seamlessly download a guide that any marketing technology or IT team can use for integration. Not only does this streamlined process save valuable time during the setup process, but it allows users to launch campaigns faster than before.


Based on our extensive experience with key digital industries like eCommerce, gaming, travel, financial services, education and others, Ad Engine will automatically recommend specific pre-defined conversions for tracking and optimization of campaigns based on the best practices within a specific vertical.

In addition to a setup wizard and implementation guide, the new Conversion tools suite also includes tools to test and validate the conversion events once the tracking code has been placed on your website or mobile app. For example, if you have a campaign to generate purchases but the purchase conversion is not working properly, it can result in a frustrating experience and lack of metrics to measure the success of your campaign. With our validation tools you can troubleshoot errors ahead of time and ensure that you are sending the proper data to Nanigans Ad Engine with each event, before your campaigns have launched. This guarantees that our optimization algorithms will kick in at the start of your campaign.

Ultimately, these tools help save in-house marketers time by allowing Ad Engine to begin optimizing for the results you truly care about.

Want to see the new Conversions in action? For Nanigans Customers, go to the Setup > Conversions menu as shown in the image above.

For advertisers interested in using Ad Engine, contact sales to learn more about the new Conversions suite of tools and get a full product demo.

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