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How to Scale a Facebook Campaign in 60 Days: The JackThreads Story

Written by: Anne Tucci, Senior Account Director

How does an ecommerce powerhouse make improvements to its existing in-house advertising program? JackThreads shares its experience how Nanigans advertising automation software helped in multiple ways, from bid management, scalable ad creation, and automated real- time reporting to a reduction in Cost Per New User Signup (CPS).

In-House Advertising

JackThreads-LogoInitially, JackThreads used Facebook’s Power Editor to handle in-house ad campaigns. While this provided a base for them to run their Facebook advertising, concerns about maintaining efficient CPS over the long term provided the motivation for JackThreads to seek out an automation tool to license in order to scale up and more efficiently manage ads.

JackThreads had several key reasons for transitioning to a Facebook Marketing Partner:

  • With new sales launching daily, they needed a bid management tool based on real-time data and analytics in order to make adjustments and optimizations quickly.
  • They were also looking for a way to keep their average daily spend consistent so that they could forecast their Facebook marketing initiatives.
  • With Nanigans’ sharpened focus on advertising automation software, JackThreads knew they’d be working closely with a dedicated Customer Success team while having total control over their campaigns using Nanigans—and the added benefit of not paying managed service rates.
  • JackThreads also has a deeper conversion goal of optimizing for yield, and they were hoping to find a tool which would allow them to efficiently do so.

Tangible Performance Improvements

The main performance goal JackThreads tracked when transitioning campaigns into Nanigans software was the Cost Per Signup of new users, focusing on Desktop New User Acquisition. CPS is an important metric for JackThreads because it allows them to measure the strength of their new user initiatives. As a direct result of utilizing Nanigans strategy groups to split out automated bidding, budgeting, and creative testing behavior for countries, devices, and types of sale, JackThreads saw a 17% improvement in CPS over the first two months.

Previously their daily spend had fluctuated significantly, mostly due to bandwidth issues in creating enough Page Posts to scale to the desired spend level. The campaigns became much steadier in Nanigans, where easy ad creation and automated bidding made spend more predictable, and JackThreads now consistently achieves the upper limits of their previous fluctuations.


Achieving Scale

Several aspects of the Nanigans platform helped JackThreads increase the scale and efficiency of their Facebook campaigns.

Nanigans enables News Feed Page Post creation with multiple creative iterations in a few minutes vs. individual post creation, which can take much longer per post. The improved workflow efficiency saves the JackThreads team hours each week.

Automated bid management and automation helps the JackThreads marketing team regulate ads and achieve steady delivery, allowing them to run Facebook initiatives at increasing scale without an increased workload.

Nanigans’ automated Creative Tester identifies which creative themes are producing the strongest results across customer audiences so JackThreads can cut through extraneous data.

Efficiency in ReportingNanigans_PA_400

Using Nanigans in-house has saved the JackThreads team approximately two hours per week in daily reporting alone. Setting up mobile and desktop creative breakouts in Performance Analysis allows one-click access to a full dynamic report. When JackThreads used to pull this same type of report before using Nanigans, it would have to be downloaded at an ad/campaign level, exported, sorted, and then created into a pivot table.

Performance Analysis provides an easy-to-view reporting tool where the JackThreads team can manipulate data and translate findings into actionable insights. They’ve set up many shared views so that, working closely along with their Nanigans account team, they can look at the data through customized organization, filters, and Custom Formulas that only need to be saved once.

[testimonial image=”” link=”” position=”” name=”” company=”JackThreads” quote=”Nanigans’ sophisticated Facebook ad creation technology along with its robust bid management tool allowed us to seamlessly scale our Facebook initiatives while maintaining stability and cost efficiency.”]

By leaving behind manual bidding, one of the leading men’s shopping sites has gained stable ad spend and increased scalability, resulting in reduced Cost Per New User Signup (CPS) on desktop. With an experienced in-house marketing team in place, JackThreads is equipped to tackle larger advertising challenges and is in a great place to take on mobile.

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