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How to Prepare Your Holiday Advertising For Social Media, Part 2

Written by: Laurie Bloom, Account Manager

Welcome back to our three-part series on setting your 2014 holiday campaigns up for success on social! In Part One, we shared the first step: Evaluating your goals and KPIs, targeting, and ads from last year to help inform and improve Q4 2014. In Part Two, we’ll discuss newer targeting types and how they can fit into your strategy.

Let’s dive in.

Step Two: Update your arsenal

Right Hand Rail

Cue the makeover montage! In April, Facebook announced its plans to increase the size of Right Hand Rail ad units significantly, bringing more visual appeal and less clutter to desktop shoppers. In June, that plan became a reality. With increased frequency caps and historically lower CPMs, the new RHR is not to be overlooked, particularly as competition in the newsfeed is at an all-time high.

Facebook's bigger right hand rail ads

New targeting capabilities

Facebook also added some extremely valuable targeting options to its advertiser offerings in 2014:

In January, the social network began rolling out Website Custom Audiences: an exciting way for marketers to retarget and segment visitors to their websites using pixels. If a new customer is lured to your site by a holiday deal and doesn’t register to be a member, or if a current customer adds an item to her cart but decides to comparison shop, WCAs will give you a second chance at conversion.

In April, Facebook launched Partner Categories, adding an extra layer of targeting capabilities based on consumers’ behavior outside of Facebook, across desktop and mobile. With access to more than 500 categories from cereal buyers to automobile purchasers, your ideal customer is well within reach.

As you plan to take advantage of WCAs and PCs for the holidays, keep in mind that placing WCA pixels and requesting audience white listings should be done prior to Thanksgiving eve.

Offline options

Facebook's Audience Network

In October, Facebook’s Audience Network formally opened for business. Facebook’s Audience Network allows mobile advertisers to tap into ad inventory off of Facebook, via third-party mobile apps. According to a 2013 holiday survey led by Deloitte, 63% of tablet users and 68% of smartphone users said they were planning to use their devices to help them shop, so don’t discount all those smartphones and tablets that you can now reach on mobile. And remember — there’s going to be a slew of new device owners come Christmas morning.

Ad Engine advantages

Lastly, make sure you’re trained on the key products and reporting we’ve released this year that will make your life easier as November rolls around:

  • Import your historical holiday campaign data using our Facebook Ad Account Import tool
  • Ensure high ROI (and a merry New Year) with our Optimized Budgeting feature
  • Tailor Ad Engine’s data metrics to your internal holiday goals via Custom Formulas
  • Share your strategy and results with team members using Shared Views and Campaign Reporting
  • Use Nanigans’ automated Creative Tester tool to rotate and evaluate creative while you carve the turkey
  • Leverage ad scheduling to ensure sale messaging goes live on cue without having to sit by your computer on Christmas

Need some creative ad inspiration? How about tips for establishing a holiday campaign timeline? It’s all in How to Prepare Your Holiday Advertising For Social Media, Part 3.

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