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Mobile Gaming After the Holidays: New Devices, New App Downloads

Written by: Collin Burke, Content Marketing Intern

Smartphones were a popular gift this holiday season, no doubt. Prominent KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts that iPhones sales will have reached 71.5 million in Q4 2014 alone. The iPhone 6 is projected to account for 60% of all iPhone sales, at just over 41 million.

Distribution of new devices, Christmas 2014Flurry analyzed device activations and app installs during the week leading up to (and including) Christmas 2014. Apple products accounted for 51.3% of mobile devices that were activated, with its big screened iPhone 6 as the frontrunner. However, examination of device distribution from the past few years (pictured above) reveals that phablets are the fastest growing device segment for that time period. On Christmas day, app install rates were 2.5x higher than the average app install rate for the first three weeks in December. As larger-sized devices like phablets lend themselves to more user-friendly game play, we expect to see the surge in consumer interest continue.

Recent history shows that just after the holidays is a great time for app developers to advertise on Facebook — and not just because Apple gift cards are burning holes in gamers’ pockets. In Q1 2014, both CPCs and CPMs of mobile News Feed ads decreased from Q4 2013, while CTRs increased, according to Socialbakers.

Facebook offers a tremendous opportunity for mobile app developers to reach new device owners at scale. As of September 2014, Facebook has 703 million mobile daily active users and 1.12 billion mobile monthly active users. With the holiday season coming to an end, these numbers are surely even greater now.

The combination of new device owners, low ad costs and high engagement rates is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Here are 11 tips to help you start off your first ad campaigns of 2015 on the right note:


  • Tailor creative to your demographic, but don’t discount the value of female gamers.
  • Be aware of the best practices for mobile app install ads for your game genre.
  • Try featuring images of the device being used by the person viewing your ad.
  • Test creative to maximize ad ROI.


  • Leverage the Facebook Audience Network and Lookalike Audiences to reach more high-value customers.
  • Consider targeting tablet users, since they spend more than smartphone owners. If you are already targeting them, be willing to spend more to acquire these users.
  • Retarget users who didn’t engage the first time around.



  • Use our SDK to close the loop on attribution.
  • Measure Lifetime ROI to ensure you’re finding your best customers.
  • Apply custom metrics to take your reporting to the next level.

Advanced targeting and retargeting capabilities on Facebook allow app developers to reach their most valuable users, and with low costs and high engagement, there is no better time than right now to advertise on mobile. Millions of new device owners are ripe for the post-holiday picking.

If you’re ready to scale your mobile game advertising, we can help you level up in 2015.

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