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The Secret to Customer Success at Nanigans

Written by: Michelle Stern, VP Sales Operations and Channel Partnerships

We’ve been partnering with some of the sharpest marketers at large brands and high growth start-ups for four years, and our top priority is that customers achieve their digital advertising goals.  Nanigans transitioned its model to SaaS this year not only to provide customers with cost savings benefits, but also to better enable them to capitalize on their in-house business expertise.

Customer success means different things to different companies. In an industry where real time ad optimization and reporting are expected, we define customer success as our clients meeting their campaign performance and spend targets through engagement with our software.

Performing at a high bar when it comes to people, process, and technology is no small task.  So what’s our secret to delighting customers with a SaaS model? In addition to software that offers a clear value proposition, we invest in account management, onboarding and training, and customer support to ensure a positive user experience.

Account Management

Nanigans Customer Service Structure We’ve assembled account teams comprised of analysts, technologists and product specialists with deep expertise in eCommerce, online gaming, and pure play Internet.  These vertical-aligned teams deliver training and assist with specific concepts and questions Nanigans users have.

Account management teams not only familiarize customers with Nanigans software; they also:

  • Actively monitor ad campaigns
  • Offer recommendations for improving efficiencies and scale
  • Provide ongoing support to help marketers achieve target spend and performance KPIs

In fact, they’ll perform an account audit after the first month to ensure customers are following best practices and using the right features to get the most out of their campaigns.

Onboarding & Training

To ensure our customers’ success, we developed a formalized 90-day onboarding program (although customers are welcome to progress through it at a faster pace if they like).  The program includes technical integration like pixel/SDK implementation and reporting API, training and launching the first campaign, and post-launch success.

Nanigans has been successful in onboarding 150+ clients with a robust training program that continually evolves along with new product enhancements. The bulk of the curriculum is covered in the first 4 – 6 weeks, with sessions that are tailored to each customer’s needs — including deep dives into campaigns and optimization recommendations.  Between training sessions, our account teams support customers with regularly scheduled calls.


In addition to leading initial Nanigans training, account teams also familiarize customers with our support tool, which acts as a communication mechanism for submitting questions, requests, or issues. This support tool allows us to monitor ticket response times to ensure prompt replies and assistance (and comply with our SLAs).

Customers have the option of submitting their tickets through the tool itself, email, or Nanigans software.  The ability to submit support tickets within our software makes it easy for customers to communicate with us and enables Nanigans to more quickly identify issues.

In addition to business hours coverage, we offer always-on resources, including:

  • A knowledge base with software help, FAQs, and the latest platform updates
  • Product feature videos
  • Best practices by vertical

The world of digital advertising is constantly evolving and our role is to empower customers with the information and support they need to succeed in this fast-paced industry.  We accomplish this by providing vertical-specific expertise, comprehensive training, and timely service. After all, when our customers win, we do too.

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