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How To: Drive Direct Response on Facebook

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

It’s an exciting time to be advertising online. Smartphone sales are up, and people are spending more and more of their time in apps; particularly gaming and social media. With over ten years spent attracting users and taking note of their interests, Facebook is the perfect tool for marketers looking to reach the customers most likely to sign up, download or purchase their products and services.

US Digital Ad Spend 2014: Direct response

eMarketer reports that the retail, financial services, automotive and telecom industries budget more heavily toward direct response vs. branding, with media and entertainment nearly split down the middle. These verticals value action over awareness, preferring to invest in ads that will deliver quantifiable results.

When combined with data insights from Nanigans software, Facebook’s precise targeting options put advertisers in a prime position to boost user acquisition and remarketing through direct response ads. However, using the right tools is only half the battle; there are many factors to whether a marketing campaign will hit its KPIs. Successful marketers are constantly checking data and testing out new variables to achieve higher ROI, such as:

Ad Quality

Your ability to win auctions and the final bid price you pay are both affected by how well your ad creative, copy and CTAs attract customers. Facebook has placed a lot of emphasis on keeping its users happy, and misleading or boring ads are a sure way to lose everyone’s trust. We’ve posted many creative tips in the Nanigans resource library; here are a few of our most popular:

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The way you bid dictates who sees your ad, how many people see your ad, and how much you pay for that privilege — but don’t panic. We’ve put together an infographic that explains the difference between targeted reach vs. effective reach, and explains how Facebook bid types affect ads. To cut to the chase, here are the two best bid types for brands looking to drive direct response from customers:

oCPM large

oCPM bidding can be used to reach the people most likely to take a desired action (for example, an app install). If you’d like to target for off-Facebook actions, you’ll need to put a Facebook conversion pixel on place on your site. Alternately…

CPA bidding large

CPA bidding is best when you’re aiming to get people to take action on your ad. For example, if you’re trying to drive users to install your mobile app, you’ll only pay for the people who click and then install. When you want control over how much you pay for specific actions, CPA bids provide a powerful solution.

With a wide user base, precise targeting tools like Custom Audiences, and ad units such as app install and Multi-Product, Facebook is a direct response advertiser’s dream. In the hands of a marketer who knows how to communicate brand identity, ensure messaging consistency, and keep call to actions clear, it’s a powerful way to get the click and boost conversions.

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