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Size Does Matter: Gaming Creative Best Practices For Mobile and Desktop

Written by: Dan Wong, Graphic Designer

Treating all ad units, regardless of device or location, as one size fits all is a rookie mistake that a surprisingly large amount of online advertisers make. Maximizing available space is a skill that can be difficult to master, but the end result — increased installs — is well worth the effort. Whether you’re marketing slots, a turn-based role playing game or trivia app, an ad’s performance rests on how well the creative compels clicks.

Below are some standard ad units for desktop and mobile, with specific tips and examples to help boost your user acquisition and retargeting efforts:


Facebook desktop photo ad, gaming

Photo Ad (1200 x 900)

Take advantage of the space you’re given! Showcase a strong review of your game or show off a cool action sequence.

Facebook desktop link ad, app install

Link Ad and App Install/Engagement Ad (1200 x 627)

Highlight bright character art and/or an app store badge. If it’s an install ad, use a colorful call to action.

Facebook Right Hand Side Ad, gaming

Right Hand Side Ad (254 x 133)

Space is at a premium, so your goal is to hook users immediately. Use bright pops of color to get your point across quickly.


Facebook mobile link ad/app install

Link Ad/App Install, Engagement Ad/Video App Ad (1200 x 627)

Pick a bright in-game screenshot, and if possible, place the screenshot within the newest device. Character art, an app store badge, and a CTA are all good items to test out.

Mobile Multi-Product Ad

Multi-Product Ad (548 x 548) (x3)

Highlight different challenges and levels; pick a darker color for the first and third panels so the left and right scroll arrows are clearly visible.


RTB Standard Interstitial

Standard Interstitial (300 x 250)
With limited real estate, you might want to go the short and sweet route with our favorite four-letter word: “free.” This can be free install, free to play, free tokens. These could also be tested within a colorful CTA which will pop and contrast with the rest of your ad.

Mobile Full Screen Interstitial

Full Screen Interstitial (320 x 480)
Play around with exciting in-game screenshots (lots of action and gameplay), and don’t forget to include those CTAs encouraging users to click and install to fully experience the game.

Elements to play around with as you test out what works best for your games (and gaming audience):

  • Including your game’s logo to increase brand recognition.
  • Is your game a sequel, or does it already enjoy high brand recognition? Featuring well-loved characters like heroes and villains is an excellent lure.
  • Citing a positive quote from a trusted gaming review source.
  • Showcasing game play through in-game screenshots to boost installs.
  • Are there any spells, explosions or win-screen animations you can incorporate into your creative? Action sells.
  • Want to engage potential players? Want them to take the initiative? Ads with instructions like “Click to win” or “Spin the wheel” are popular because they’re clear-cut.

Interested in more creative tips?

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