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Anatomy of a Growth Marketer: Sarah Weiss Breitenother

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Anatomy of a Growth Marketer is an ongoing blog series showcasing top talent in the field of digital advertising.

Great in-house advertisers are the lifeblood of digital business growth. They are methodical and analytical, using results from real-time reporting to iterate on best-performing creative and copy as well as to identify under-performing campaigns. A seasoned performance marketing specialist is expected to wear many hats, and may be responsible for a significant percentage of spend (resulting in significant company growth).

What opportunities does in-house advertising offer marketing professionals, and what are they looking for in a digital advertising role? We asked Senior Direct Marketing Manager Sarah Weiss Breitenother for her thoughts.

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What attracted you to in-house advertising?

Before my current role, I was at an agency that specialized in paid search. I worked with some big ecommerce clients but I really wanted the opportunity to go somewhere where my role would encompass more channels. In my current role,  I’ve taken on all paid marketing channels and have the opportunity to work on more long-term projects; not just driving traffic profitably through PPC anymore, but also testing new innovative traffic sources and looking at website and product optimization.

What is a typical day in the life of a direct marketing manager?

In the morning I will look at performance by channel just to check if everything went well the day before and make sure that we’re on track and on target. After that, a part of my day is dedicated to overall account optimization based on daily and weekly reports. Apart from that, it’s a mix of trying to set up new tests, either with new or current partners, working on more in-depth analysis and collaborating with other teams on various projects. It could be working with the organic marketing team on branding and messaging, with the analytics team on tracking and analysis or with the creative team on new ads or a landing page.

What do you find most useful about Nanigans software?

It’s really easy and it makes life simpler — you get more things done quicker.

The overall reporting is really good, and it’s very straight forward. Probably any digital marketer has used a pivot table before, and Nanigans reporting is very similar to a pivot table. It’s nice that the reporting looks like something we know how to do already; you don’t have to figure out how something works again. In terms of creating a new campaign, creating an ad plan, and uploading creative, once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy and it makes life simpler — you get more things done quicker.

How can companies attract and develop in-house talent like yours?

Offer the opportunity to do a lot of different things. Past a certain level — and especially when it’s people who want to work in a startup — I don’t want to go somewhere where I’ll only work on Facebook advertising. I like to have more variety; the ability to touch a bit of everything. Also, getting involved not just with direct marketing but also learning from other departments in the business.

For me the most important part of the job is the people I work with. Salary and perks sound nice on paper, but I would much rather work with smart, motivated people who are passionate about what they do and push me to improve myself.

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