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Social Media Lead Generation: Do’s and Don’ts

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Social media advertising provides marketers the opportunity to reach various audiences with services and products based on context — whether that’s a potential customer’s age, occupation, past behavior or current interests. The effectiveness of serving an ad to a particular audience hinges heavily on how good a performance marketer is at targeting the right people at the right time, but many more considerations come into play when lead generation is the goal of a campaign. From landing pages to lead forms, creative strategies to CTAs, convincing a prospect to sign up for financial services, request an insurance quote or register for an online course requires a lot of planning.

Here are some guidelines to help you optimize the performance of your lead generation advertising on social media.


Lead generation creative
Do pick an image that draws the eye through bright colors, activity, or contrasted text.

Don’t pick an image that bears no relevance to your message or target audience.

Do A/B test using verbs and numbers in headlines and the ad body.

Don’t try to cultivate an air of mystery. Be very clear about what you are selling.

Call to Actions

Lead generation call to action
Do use “Learn More,” “Sign Up” and “Book Now” buttons to let customers know what the next step is.

Don’t overuse capital letters and exclamation points.

Do use “limited time” language.

Don’t make claims that you can’t back up with data.

Landing Pages

Lead generation landing page
Do provide answers to questions someone who’s never heard of your brand might have. A few FAQs or customer testimonials go a long way.

Don’t distract potential customers with multiple offers. After the initial ad click, you want to keep attention focused.

Do make it crystal clear why your offer is valuable. If possible, cite success metrics like rate of employment or debt reduction.

Don’t ignore your mobile audience. Make sure your landing page is optimized for those browsing on smaller screened smartphones or tablets.

Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation form
Do add opt-in boxes for additional outreach or information.

Don’t get greedy with required fields; attention spans are extremely short and mobile can make signups tough already.

Do send completed forms to a thank you landing page letting new signups know what to expect from you.

Don’t claim you won’t sell or share a signup’s contact information unless it’s the truth. Trust is extremely difficult to regain.

When marketers accidentally confuse or purposely trick prospective customers, the opportunity to build a lasting relationship is lost. By following the guidelines above, you will put your prospects on a defined path with a clear course of action at the end.


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