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Delivering ROI: How 4 Top Ecommerce Brands Are Achieving Digital Advertising Success [eBook]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Retail ecommerce sales worldwide are expected to hit $1.59 trillion this year, according to eMarketer. As consumers become more comfortable shopping on smartphones and tablets, there’s never been a better place to reach prospects and loyal shoppers than on social media. Armed with first-party data and world-class advertising automation software, in-house performance marketing teams are in a prime position to scale their user acquisition and remarketing efforts.

In this new eBook specifically for ecommerce advertisers, we share the winning targeting, creative, and optimization strategies that are delivering real return on investment to today’s leading online retailers.

Ecommerce companies of all types — flash sales, monthly subscriptions, members-only shops — are achieving success in their social and mobile campaigns with advertising automation software. Whether your business goal is scaling spend, reducing cost per signup or install, increasing purchase rates, boosting the lifetime value of customers, or learning which creative combinations perform best, the case studies in this eBook have you covered.

Download the eBook now to learn:

  • How JackThreads scaled a Facebook ad campaign in 60 days
  • How an ecommerce giant scaled mobile app install ad spend 400%
  • How online retailer Adore Me reached 1,500 new customers in 5 days
  • How a flash sale retailer achieved 345% ROI with Nanigans revenue optimization

Download the eBook

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