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Facebook Link Ads: Creative Best Practices for Every Ecommerce Marketer

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

As Facebook continues to create and retool a wide array of direct response ad products, ecommerce advertisers are better equipped to provide customers with the offers that are most valuable to them, in a way that encourages near-instant gratification. Nanigans ecommerce advertisers have had a great deal of success using link-based Unpublished Page Posts (UPP) in particular. Of course, not all campaigns are created equal. There are a number of considerations on the creative side that help improve the performance of a link-based UPP ad, particularly on the basis of site type.

Online Shopping

From ad click to add-to-cart, here are some tips for attracting first-time and repeat purchases.

It’s always easier to sell consumers on a brand they already know and trust. Highlighting logos/brand names of products whenever possible will help draw potential users familiar with the brands you are selling, on top of those users who may already have heard of your online shopping site.

Relevancy is always key in the advertising space. Users will notice, and be more likely to buy, if your creative stays fresh with seasonally relevant products (coats and boots for winter, shorts and sunglasses for summer, etc.), colors and backdrops.

One oft-overlooked consideration for online retailers is continuity between an ad and its product page. Nanigans’ best retailing advertisers tend to give the user a consistent experience between an ad which stands alone in the Newsfeed and the retailer’s site or product landing page. This alignment streamlines the purchase decision-making process to be that much more natural for the user.

ThreadBeastSubscription Services

A number of Nanigans ecommerce clients employ a subscription model – with users signing up to receive regular shipments of specific products or collections. Here are a few suggestions for optimizing signups.

Many of our subscription services advertisers have had a good deal of success showing a “before and after” split-screen, displaying the product being delivered, and showcasing the positive results of ordering the product.

Be sure to highlight any offers, free products or discounts upon sign-up/registration. One successful client in this space has released ads touting that the first two shipments are free.

Finally, if your subscription service is tied to an app, use in-device screenshots as part of the ad unit in order to help boost your user CTR.

Flash Sales

For ecommerce businesses that revolve around members-only, special, limited-time only sales, make sure to follow these tips.

Use copy that highlights the urgency of the promotion. Calling out the deadline (“One Day Only!” “Sale Until Monday!”), along with the specific discounts (“50% off selected items!” “Buy One Get One Free!”), should be leveraged as a tactic whenever possible.

Be direct about what action you want an ad viewer to take; clear CTAs are a must for flash sales retailers to drive purchaser volume. Phrases like “Shop Now!”, “Save Now!”, etc. are proven means for these businesses to drive users to take advantage of sales.

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