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How Online Retailers Are Getting Creative With Facebook Carousel Link Ads

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

It’s an exciting time to be in digital. Never before has there been such a wide array of social media ad units at a performance marketer’s disposal, and it seems as though every month we see a fresh addition to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Lately, social media networks have been stepping up their direct response game, and online advertisers are taking notice.

Between  Q1 and Q2 of this year, we’ve observed a 60% increase in Carousel Link Ad spend on Facebook, driven primarily by our online retail customers. As with any advertising product, brands who can master this new medium quickly will gain a competitive advantage and the attention of shoppers who aren’t used to seeing scrollable ads. As the novelty begins to wear off, now it is the best time for creative experimentation and iteration.

Here are some of the ways ecommerce brands like BaubleBar, Poppin, and BucketFeet are using Facebook Carousel Link Ads to boost customer acquisition and retention:


baublebar mpa

This online jewelry retailer clearly has a handle on summer colors; the flamingo pinks and Caribbean blues in this ad definitely stand out in Facebook’s mobile News Feed. Other ways to take a page from BaubleBar’s playbook: Call out best sellers and opportunities for customization; don’t forget a new member discount.


ipsy mpaAs a monthly subscription service focused on makeup and beauty products, Ipsy is winning over potential members with a focus on summer trends. In the ad above, they have chosen to highlight looks on models rather than the makeup itself, which helps potential subscribers imagine what the products would look like in action. Other best practices: Calling out free shipping and listing out recognizable featured brands.


poppin mpas

Talk about pops of color! Office supplies don’t have to be boring, and online retailer Poppin has found an eye-catching way to prove it. Note the use of white space as a background, and how the hues they’ve selected complement each other. Also of note: The compelling line “Don’t get caught with ugly drawers,” causing those of us with old-school, grey metal filing cabinets to hang our heads in shame.

Isolá and BucketFeet

bucketfeet mpas

Two online retailers selling footwear; two different approaches to Carousel Link Ads. As you can see on the left, luxe shoe brand Isolá has opted for the same white background approach as Poppin – however, they have prominently featured their logo in each image window. You’ll also note that they mix it up with the same shoe in multiple colors, and rotate categories of shoe (flats, wedges and heels). On the right-hand side, artist-designed footwear retailer BucketFeet has also chosen a variety of approaches – white backdrop vs. textured; product by itself vs. worn on a model. In the case of both brands, the patterns and shoe styles are all seasonally appropriate.

Bonus Round: Febreze

Febreze mpasWhile not strictly an ecommerce company, Procter & Gamble has done one very interesting thing with their household odor eliminator, Febreze, that online retail advertisers may find worth exploring.

Rather than keep each Carousel Link Ad image separate, the brand has chosen to meld them together to form a single illustration with repetitive copy. The results? A polished-looking ad with a cohesive feel.

Want insights on how online retailers are adopting Facebook’s latest direct response weapon? Check out “3 Ways Carousel Link Ad Spending is Evolving” by Nanigans Marketing Insights Manager Andrew Waber.

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.
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