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How To: Conduct An Ad Creative Test

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Online marketers are told time and time again to refresh creative often, and for good reason — this approach gives social media campaigns a higher likelihood of attracting customer attention and leaves more room for optimization down the line. In our recent “How Can Online Advertisers Test Creative In Their Facebook Ads?” blog post, we provided recommendations for how to set up an A/B test of creative. In this article, we’ll be looking more in depth at the testing components.

How To Pick Creative Testing Components

Ad Creative testingCreative testing components can vary by industry; online retailers can experiment around price point (For example: “Only $9.99!” vs. “Buy One Get One Free!”), whereas gaming app developers may want to try out metrics-focused copy (Such as “#1 in the app store!” vs. “40M users and counting.”) On the other hand, components like location or seasonality should be tested by every flavor of online advertiser.

Here is a more comprehensive list of considerations:


  • Illustration vs. photograph
  • Model vs. product
  • Item vs. collection
  • Background (white vs. colored vs. photo)


  • Logo vs. non-logo
  • Logo placement (ex: left corner vs. right corner)
  • Overlay text vs. no text
  • Font (colors  – red vs. blue; styles – Calibri vs. Helvetica; case – all caps vs. lower)

Pro Tip: When you’re adding a logo or text to an image, make sure you adhere to Facebook’s 20% rule.


  • CTA (Book Now vs. Register Now; Install vs. Download, etc)
  • Short and sweet vs. long and descriptive
  • Language (ex: A/B testing ads on a bilingual audience using English vs. Spanish)

How To Think About Your Creative Testing Strategy

Creative testing for ads involves following the scientific method; a concept some of us might remember from high school. Testing one variable at a time (for example, type of image), picking a winner and then moving on to the next variable (overlay) is an easy way to determine why an ad is performing well. Once an advertiser has gained confidence that a component is gaining traction, they can begin testing several layers on top of it.

How Nanigans Can Help

Manually testing all the variables listed above simultaneously would lead to a massive headache, and testing each one out at a time would take forever. Fortunately, our advertising automation software has an extremely popular tool called Creative Tester, which does all the heavy lifting. Campaign managers can leave all the pausing down and budget boosting to our algorithm, and have more time to focus on analysis and strategy (what we like to call “living the dream.”).

Looking for more social media advertising intel? Download our latest benchmark report for insights on CTR, CPC, CPM, video, direct response and much more.

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