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Instagram in the News: A Roundup of Recent Developments

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

It seems like every other day Instagram is making headlines. Whether it’s introducing new features for advertisers or redesigning the appearance of the site, Instagram’s rapid evolution has the marketing world buzzing. To help you keep up with all the recent Instagram developments, we’ve curated a list below of the news you need to know.

CTA icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogSocialTimes, “Instagram Adds Call-To-Action Buttons, More Relevant Ad Targeting” (6/2/2015)

Instagram kicked off its summer of change by providing advertisers with a peek at upcoming features. Previews of call-to-action buttons gave brands a sense of how they could use Instagram to drive traffic to their sites with CTAs like “Shop Now” and “Sign Up.” The photo sharing network also announced that it would offer better ad targeting thanks to strategy from Facebook, reassuring marketers that they could deliver their ads to relevant audiences.


Website Redesign icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogThe Verge, “Instagram Is Launching A Redesigned Website With Bigger Photos” (6/9/2015)

Instagram users were treated to a drastically redesigned website in early June. The new design featured a cleaner and simpler view for both desktop and mobile, which drew more attention to photos and made them appear much larger.


Search icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogFast Company, “Instagram’s All-New Search & Explore Features Will Change How You Use Instagram” (6/23/2015)

In late June, Instagram got geographical. Its new Search & Explore feature made it easier for users to find photos from all across the globe by allowing them to search by location, tag, photographer, or subject matter. Search & Explore also made it easier for users to discover images from people they don’t directly follow.


Desktop icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogTechCrunch, “Instagram Brings Search To The Web” (7/20/2015)

Instagram has always been a primarily mobile site, but in late July it expanded its search capabilities so that users could also search and explore photos from desktop. While Instagram’s main focus is still mobile, the new desktop search features made using the site more of a cross-platform experience.


Earnings icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogTech Insider, “Analysts Expect Good News From Facebook’s Q2 Earnings” (7/29/2015)

Instagram played a large role in Facebook’s Q2 earnings call at the end of July. In the call, Facebook execs credited Instagram as one of the more meaningful growth drivers for the company, and predicted an increase in revenue from the site in the future.


Advertising icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogBusiness Insider, “Instagram Just Made A Major Move That Will Turn It Into A Huge Advertising Business” (8/4/2015)

In early August, Instagram made arguably its biggest change to date. It officially rolled out its advertising API, a move that experts said would establish Instagram as a major mobile advertising business once it opens up to all brands. Third party advertising partners (including Nanigans) announced that the API had been plugged into their own software, making it easy for advertisers to dive into the advertising capabilities that Instagram has to offer.


Photos icon - Instagram News Roundup BlogRe/code, “Vertical Photos Have Arrived! Instagram Waves Goodbye To Its Square-Only Photo Requirements” (8/27/2015)

Instagram ended a summer of change by removing its square photo requirement, allowing users to share vertical and landscape-formatted photos. This was also good news for brands, as it gave them more freedom when creating their ads for Instagram.

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