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Facebook Carousel Mobile App Install And Link Ads: 5 Direct Response Examples

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Facebook’s Carousel Ads aren’t just for ecommerce companies. While these image-heavy ads are great for showcasing products, that doesn’t mean that other industries can’t get in on the action. Advertisers are beginning to discover that carousel ad units can effectively drive desired actions like increased traffic to a website or customer acquisition through app installs. Here’s how some brands are creatively using Facebook’s new Carousel format for Mobile App Install (MAI) Ads and Link Ads.


DraftKings Carousel Ad - Facebook Carousel Ads Creative Best Practices

Daily fantasy sports site DraftKings used Carousel Mobile App Install Ads to mimic the experience of its app. By clicking through the images in this example, Facebook user can see popular fighters available for draft in an upcoming UFC fight. Instead of advertising DraftKings as a brand, this ad promotes a particular fight instead, increasing relevancy to its target audience and delivering recognizable names. With the “Install Now” call to action button, users can easily download the DraftKings app and become registered players.

Five Four

Five Four Carousel Ad - Facebook Carousel Ad Creative Best Practices

Men’s clothing club Five Four hooks Facebook users with a series of simple questions, and continues the conversation with each image in its Carousel Link Ad. After asking “Want to look good? Hate shopping?” it presents users with its services as a solution to this conundrum. While the dialogue takes center stage in each image, Five Four clothes are a subtle background and indicator of what users can expect to receive when they subscribe.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World Carousel Ad  - Facebook Carousel Ads Creative Best Practices

It only makes sense that a mobile game based on a movie would be story-driven; the same goes for this Jurassic World: The Game advertisement. Here, Carousel MAI Ads are a vehicle for Jurassic World’s own mini-plot, building anticipation and inviting users to click through to the conclusion of a fearsome T-Rex roaring from the screen. The short, contained narrative has the effect of a digital flip book.

Next Issue

Next Issue Carousel Ad - Facebook Carousel Ads Creative Best Practices

Appealing to key demographics should be in the forefront of your mind not only when you target your ads, but also when you craft your creative. Magazine subscription app Next Issue understood this when creating its Carousel Ads. Instead of using the multiple image options to show the wide variety of magazines it offers, Next Issue carefully curated each featured magazine to be especially relevant to its targeted audience: Business professionals. Besides uniting multiple publications under one particular theme, this strategy is more likely to garner clicks.


WeWork Carousel Ad - Facebook Carousel Ads Creative Best Practices

WeWork uses each image in its Carousel Link Ads to highlight a selling point of its coworking space. Every picture is dedicated to showcasing just one benefit, giving each of those aspects a chance to shine. Yet every photo also works together to act as a mini-tour of WeWork’s office space, giving viewers the feeling that they’re physically there.

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Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.
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