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Give Your Dynamic Product Ads The Competitive Edge With Nanigans Advertising Automation

Written by: Peter McCullagh, Product Manager

When it comes to online marketing, user acquisition tends to get the lion’s share of ad spend – but maintaining customer loyalty and sustained purchasing activity is an overlooked objective that can really move the needle on revenue. With Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook’s first API-accessible entry into the retargeting marketplace, advertisers can automatically promote relevant products from their entire catalog across any device.

As an added bonus, Nanigans customers have access to best-in-class automation and optimization tools that take DPA campaigns to the next level. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Universal Feed Adapter

DPAs allow you to serve highly tailored ads to your customers, but often come with the headache of creating and configuring a product feed with complicated specs. Nanigans’ new Universal Feed Adapter makes it easy to use any existing feed to run Dynamic Product Ads by allowing you to map your feed data to the fields required by Facebook. Or, if your feed is missing a few attributes, use the Feed Adapter to create new values in your feed without requiring time-consuming intervention from your tech teams to change the configuration.

2. Fully Capable Ad Tracking

Because the final click URL with DPAs is pulled from a data feed, getting ad-level tracking right can be difficult for marketers. Nanigans solves this problem and provides the full power of our rules-based system to apply any ad-level tracking parameters you specify, including data about specific ad attributes and even custom tags you supply.

3. Unified Reporting and Ad Creation

Analyze and take action on real-time and lifetime performance data with 100+ attributes and metrics. When you are ready to expand your campaigns, build new ads directly from our powerful reporting platform by using data to select the best audiences and creatives to launch new ads.

4. Combination Ad Building

In just a few clicks, create ads that target multiple product sets, ages, and genders in order to find your most profitable customers.

5. Optimized Retargeting

Nanigans’ predictive optimization helps bid and budget your DPAs in order to maximize ROI by focusing spend on your highest performing audiences and creatives. Set up your remarketing budgets and KPIs in Nanigans and let our world-class optimization help you reach your goals.

6. Streamlined Pixels

Consolidate retargeting actions and unify first-party data to leverage cross-channel insights using our desktop pixels and mobile SDK. Set up and adjust complex attribution models to capture the insights that mean the most to you.

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads provide digital marketers with the continuous opportunity to reach the right customers with the most relevant products, automatically. Combined with Nanigans predictive lifetime value and easy workflow, DPAs become a powerful direct response weapon.

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