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Mobile Gaming in the News: ChinaJoy, Tokyo Game Show & More

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Read any gaming publication today, and it’s clear that the games industry is undergoing massive changes. Who’s playing games, and how they’re playing them, is evolving. As the industry mobilizes for mobile, it’s also seeing gamer demographics shift. To help app developers figure out what these changes mean, we’ve compiled and summarized some of the major mobile gaming stories that have been making headlines the last few months. Read on to learn about the state of gaming today.

8 bit star - Gaming news roundupPew Research Center, “Teens, Technology And Friendships”

In August, a report about teen gamers revealed surprising statistics about how boys and girls play games. According to the study, 84% of teenage boys play games on a computer, game console or cellphone, with 34% saying they played online with others almost every day. 56% of boys also reported feeling more connected while playing games, compared to 43% of girls.


8 bit cherries - Gaming news roundupVentureBeat, “Kids’ Gaming Makes Up Nearly 8% Of Mobile Game Spending Worldwide”

Another report about gaming demographics shined the spotlight on a growing group of younger gamers. The report showed that games for children made up 7.8% of the worldwide mobile gaming market. The report also indicated that premium games with upfront costs were more popular among kids (and the parents who were purchasing games for them).


8 bit sword - Gaming news roundupGamasutra, “A Recap Of ChinaJoy 2015”

The gaming convention ChinaJoy kicked off its 13th year in August. China’s biggest gaming and digital entertainment expo was larger than ever this year. One prevailing trend throughout the show was the prevalence of mobile games. In fact, 80% of the games shown at this year’s conference were mobile, pointing to a growing demand in the Chinese market.


8 bit trophy - gaming news roundupThe Daily Dot, “Traditional Gaming Takes A Backseat To Mobile At Tokyo Game Show”

Tokyo Game Show also pointed to mobile as the next big thing in the Asian game market. Reviews of the show highlighted an industry that is slowly moving away from traditional gaming experiences on consoles and handhelds. Like ChinaJoy, Tokyo Game Show provided evidence that mobile phone gaming continues to be an industry disruptor.


8 bit heart - Gaming News RoundupTech Times, “Livestreaming For Android Games Will Be Added To YouTube Gaming”

An announcement at Tokyo Game Show indicated that mobile gaming is a major force in the industry. In its keynote speech at the event, YouTube shared that Android users will be able to livestream games directly from their Android devices. The development indicated a growing interest in mobile gaming as a social experience and spectator sport.


8 bit bomb - gaming news roundupCNET, “Kids Prefer To Play Games On Mobile Devices Over Consoles”

In September, a report by the NPD Group revealed that the next generation of gamers are primarily mobile.  The report found that 63% of surveyed kids ages 2-17 use smartphones and tablets to play games. The report also indicated that 41% of kids surveyed spend more time playing games on mobile than they did a year ago, with average time spent playing growing to six hours per week.

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