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Facebook Purchase Behavior Ecommerce Advertisers Should Expect This Holiday Shopping Season

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Online purchases tend to spike around the holidays, and last year was no exception. During the 2014 holiday season, ecommerce Facebook advertisers saw overall purchase rates roughly double from pre-holiday levels.

What other shopping behavior should Facebook ecommerce advertisers expect this year? We’ve analyzed historical trends to provide answers from your most frequently asked questions about the upcoming 2015 holiday season.

When do holiday purchase rates increase on Facebook?

From January to October of last year, purchases from Facebook reached their peak on Thursdays. However, that all changed during the holiday season, with weekends becoming the most popular time to shop.

weekly purchase share by day - Holiday Purchase Trends Report

In terms of average daily purchase activity, the most popular times to make purchases were between 9 and 11am ET year-round. However, the holiday season saw a slightly higher share of purchases during the early afternoon hours.

Should I be spending more on mobile or desktop advertising during the holidays?

Shopping on desktop is a popular activity throughout the year. However, during the 2014 holiday season the share of purchases coming from mobile increased 140%. This means that mobile purchases accounted for 36% of total online purchases during the holidays that year.

holiday and non-holiday Purchase composition by hour - Holiday Purchase Trends Report

Should I be targeting more men or women with my holiday advertising campaigns?

Throughout the year, males and females display similar purchasing behavior across desktop and mobile devices. Yet the 2014 holiday season prompted each gender to make notable shifts in their reactions to Facebook ecommerce ads on desktop. Desktop purchase rates grew significantly for each group, with males increasing desktop purchase rates by 233%.

Mobile and desktop purchase rates by gender - Holiday purchase trends report

What click-through rates can I expect to see from my Facebook holiday ads?

As audiences begin to focus on their holiday shopping lists, their behavior toward ads on Facebook changes. Last year, the most notable rise in ad engagement during the holiday season occurred on desktop. Desktop ad CTRs for females doubled during the holidays, while males exhibited a 33% increase in CTRs.

Desktop CTR - Holiday Purchase Trends Report

While mobile CTRs generally stayed the same year-round, they were substantially ahead of desktop during holiday and non-holiday time periods. It’s also worth noting that mobile plays an important role as a research tool. When shoppers look up prices, reviews and other details, they are determining what products will make the best holiday gifts.

Mobile CTR - Holiday Purchase Trends Report

Now that you know the forecast for the 2015 holiday season, which strategies should you employ to make your ads a success? Find out in our holiday advertising guide.

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