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A Catalog For The Digital Age: Driving Mobile Purchases With Facebook DPAs

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

The recent shift from branding dollars to direct response ad spend proves something that performance marketers have known for some time: Return on investment is everything. With Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, digital marketers can create a highly personalized catalog for modern-day customers who are frequently on the go — just one more way to boost revenue by increasing relevance.

Growing ROI with Dynamic Product Ads and Nanigans

As people spend more time using smartphones, the ability for retailers to reach and retarget customers on mobile is essential for profitable ecommerce advertising.

Using Nanigans advertising automation software to deploy DPA campaigns, a large retailer with a hugely successful traditional catalog business is finding new opportunities for greater ROI among its evolving customer base.

As a result of using Nanigans to promote its vast product catalog on Facebook with DPAs, the retailer achieved strong results in just the first week after launch:

Higher mobile purchase rates

Facebook DPA increase in mobile purchase rates

Dynamic Product Ads enabled the retailer to promote products on mobile in a much more personalized, relevant format than was ever possible before. Mobile purchase rates surged 44% higher than the retailer’s other mobile Facebook ads.

Greater engagement

Facebook DPA increase CTRs

Showing the precise right products to the right customers led to a 240% increase in click-through rates from DPAs over other Facebook ads.

Rapid spend scale

Facebook DPA increase in ad spend

Strong initial performance with Dynamic Product Ads led the retailer to scale spend 663% in just one week—a clear vote of confidence in the ROI potential of their new strategy using Nanigans.

The opportunity to capture more revenue and increase marketing ROI with Dynamic Product Ads is tremendous. A highly personalized digital catalog—delivered to the right customer at the right time across all the devices they use—is an idea that should have every online retailer asking how to get started today.

Free Guide: Driving ROI with Dynamic Product Ads

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