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Online Retailer Sole Society Scales Ad Spend 60% Using Nanigans’ Advanced Workflow Automation [Case Study]

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

There comes a time in the evolution of every rapidly expanding ecommerce business when further scaling advertising efforts to meet growth targets requires investment in more powerful marketing tools. This challenge is often why companies with in-house advertising teams turn to Nanigans – and Sole Society is no exception.

Sole Society

A Need For Scale

The trendy, LA-based ecommerce company has been selling high-quality, affordable women’s shoes, handbags, and accessories online since 2011. Sole Society’s in-house marketing team is committed to reaching its customer base through Facebook advertising, a marketing channel they’ve long recognized as a core driver of revenue and business growth. In addition to generating its revenues online, Sole Society’s business model of continually launching new styles and pausing old styles that have sold out makes ownership of campaign management especially important to their company.

Sole SocietyWhile Sole Society initially found efficiency building audience segments in Facebook’s Power Editor tool, over time as the company expanded its budget, audiences, and campaign sophistication, the shoe brand recognized it was not a scalable solution for continuing to meet their business goals.

With campaign managers working day and night (at times even on the weekends) to shut off poor performing ads and to adjust CPC bids manually, Sole Society sought a solution with greater automation and features designed to meet the needs of their agile ecommerce business. Nanigans offered the online retailer this automation along with the data control and real-time, granular reporting that it needed to maximize insights on customer behavior and return on ad spend.

One of the draws about Nanigans is being able to input CPA goals and Stop Loss settings. We mitigate risk a little bit and we’re not always having to watch spend because the software is doing it for us.

David Gottesman, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Sole Society

After a three-month pilot using Nanigans advertising automation software, the in-house marketing team at Sole Society chose to make a long-term commitment to maximizing value on Facebook using Nanigans. The software’s predictive automation and business intelligence tools—all designed for direct response—were a key driver behind a year-long subscription and Sole Society’s confidence in being able to achieve increasing returns on its ad spend while scaling.



ads created over 7 weeks



increase in ad spend



decrease in average CPA

A Team Effort

Though the advertising automation software was a main draw, Nanigans’ Customer Success teams also played a part in the decision. “We do a lot of creative testing, but sometimes we can’t find the time to do the deep analysis of our creative tests, or what ads are working,” shared Jaclyn Ramos, Digital Marketing Specialist for Sole Society, “So it’s great that we have account managers like Justin and Amanda and Heidi to have a second set of eyes and give us recommendations on what we’re doing right and how we can improve.”

I just like that there’s a lot of variables that can mold to how our business changes or how the market changes. If we continue to grow and we need to optimize for yield, we have that option.

Jaclyn Ramos, Digital Marketing Specialist, Sole Society

A Bright Future

Thanks to a recent infusion of funding to grow its business further, Sole Society is in prime position to expand their customer acquisition and remarketing success using Nanigans’ reporting and granular audience analysis to explore and invest in new ad units, bid types, and campaign strategies.

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