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Instagram Advertising Benchmarks: December 2015 [Report]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

Following rapid growth over the past several years, Instagram now boasts one of the largest user bases among any social network. After Instagram launched its advertising ecosystem in 2014 with a focus on brand awareness, direct response advertisers are now benefiting significantly from recent innovations on one of the world’s leading mobile ad platforms.

In-house marketing teams leveraging Nanigans advertising automation have been quick to adopt the company’s Instagram advertising solution. After strong initial success, we’re seeing Instagram evolve into an essential direct response channel to power revenue growth.

Nanigans Instagram Adoption

In this report, we dig into Instagram advertising performance across Nanigans’ customer base, with same-advertiser comparisons to Facebook for additional perspective. In total, the sample consists of millions of dollars in Instagram and Facebook ad spend between August 1 and October 31, 2015.

What’s in the Report

  • Initial channel adoption rates
  • Global performance metrics, including a comparison to Facebook
  • Key mobile app advertising trends
  • Case studies showcasing early success

The ROI potential of Instagram is massive, so download the report today for the key trends to help you plan and optimize top-performing campaigns.

Download the Report

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