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These 4 Advertisers Are Using Color To Dominate Instagram

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Want to know the key to successful Instagram ads? On a visually-based platform like Instagram, color is the first thing that jumps out at users as they browse through the images in their feed. But color can do more than just help your ad stand out from the crowd; these brands are lighting up Instagram with vibrant and vivid ads that harness the right hue to drive revenue:


This holiday season, there were plenty of ads featuring traditional Christmas colors like red and green, or wintertime cliches like fireplaces, snow and twinkling lights. Shoe company Aldo took a dramatically different approach with its holiday ads, featuring innovative florist Brittany Asch.

Aldo Carousel - Instagram Ad Color Examples

The images in this Instagram Carousel ad feature Brittany’s creative takes on mistletoe. Yet, even among floral arrangements that are bursting with color, Aldo’s red boots stand out. Because Aldo’s products are just an accent here, they can be incorporated into images in interesting ways, like using a boot as a chic, decorated vase. This approach elevates the ad from simple product showcase to entertaining, visually interesting content, making it fit right in with organic content that will surround it in Instagram’s stream of user generated updates.


 Glenmorangie - Instagram Ad Color Examples

The bright yellow background is the first thing that grabs user attention in scotch brand Glenmorangie‘s Instagram ad. The golden hue matches Glenmorangie’s signature color, keeping the entire image on-brand in addition to making the ad stand out. Even though the bottle of scotch only takes up a small portion of the image, it’s the main focus thanks to high-impact color, clever photo composition and ad copy subtly turning attention toward the product.

Visit California

The colors you use in your ads don’t need to be loud and garish in order to have an impact. Visit California proves this with an Instagram Carousel ad featuring shots of the state’s gourmet cuisine.

Visit California Carousel - Instagram Ad Color Examples

Instead of oversaturating these food photos with garish, unnatural tones, Visit California opted for natural lighting that brings out the organic colors of each mouthwatering dish. After all, it would be contradictory to use synthetic, enhanced shades in an ad focused on all-natural, locally sourced produce. Even though Instagram offers numerous filters and ways to enhance your photos, sometimes leaving natural hues untouched makes your Instagram ad speak the loudest.


Microsoft Carousel - Instagram Ad Color Examples

Microsoft only features one of its tablets in a single pane of this Instagram Carousel ad, allowing educational toy company littleBits and its creator to be the main focus. The neon toys provide bright pops of color in each image, making the pictures attention-grabbing without overwhelming Instagram users. These vivid tones run throughout each slide, uniting the four images with a consistent theme. In this way, Microsoft uses color to tell a story about how its technology allows a small business to thrive.

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