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4 Perfect Mobile-Optimized Ad & Landing Page Pairs

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Getting people to click on digital ads is only half the battle. You also need a landing page that will convince users to complete an action like signup, purchase, or download. What’s more, landing pages need to resonate on mobile devices in addition to desktop. After all, with 34% of mobile Internet users accessing the web mostly through their phones, optimizing your landing pages for mobile is no longer optional. Ready to launch optimized ads and landing pages? Take a tip from the following brands:

Tory Burch

Tory Burch Carousel Ad - Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Step 1

Potential shoppers get a taste of Tory Burch’s resort collection within the swipe-friendly Facebook Carousel ad above.

Tory Burch Landing Page -- Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Step 2

After clicking through to the landing page on the Tory Burch site, they encounter a design similar to the Carousel ad they just viewed. The option to continue scrolling through the resort lookbook completes a seamless browsing experience between the ad and the landing page. It also puts a mobile-friendly feature front-and-center, making it easy for users to explore all the looks the collection has to offer.


Step 1

DISH’s Facebook ad immediately jumps out at mobile users with its bright colors and simplistic, flat design.

DISH - Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Step 2

When users click through to the company’s landing page, they’re treated to the same-mobile friendly design and same language as the ad, giving them a consistent viewing experience. Note that DISH’s landing page features the one promotion mentioned in the ad, rather than throwing every available offer at the viewer. Sticking to just the basics on a small mobile landing page and explaining a deal in clear, concise language ensures that users can easily understand your promotions and take action. This approach is especially important on mobile landing pages, as viewers are browsing in any number of scenarios where their attention may be divided.

The Sims

Step 1

This Facebook video ad for The Sims lures gamers in with bright colors and the promise of living out a dream they might have in real life.

The Sims - Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Step 2

The mobile landing page is particularly effective because it offers an immediate follow up to the ad’s “Play Now!” call-to-action. Instead of having to scroll through game descriptions and app screenshots, users can purchase the game from the second they arrive on the page. This is a great tactic for ensuring that users complete the desired action. They’re more likely to drop off before converting if they have to dig through mobile clutter.


Step 1

Cricket’s holiday-themed Instagram ad copy specifically urges viewers to click through for a sweet deal.

Cricket - Mobile Optimized Landing Pages

Step 2

The similarly holiday-themed landing page is ideal for mobile; its horizontal scrolling design means that users can see all options on one screen, and the large bold font reads well on small mobile screens. Keeping descriptions short and keeping all options “above the fold” helps convert more visitors and minimize distractions.

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