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Lead Generation: 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview [Free Report]

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

Lead Generation: Sign UpFrom driving newsletter signups or business inquiries to cultivating leads for financial lenders or finding prospective students for a university program, lead generation advertisers on Facebook have a wide range of unique performance objectives.

They are highly data-driven, know their market inside and out, and are constantly motivated by reaching the best new leads in the most efficient way they can.

To provide these marketers with trend and performance data specific to their advertising objectives, we analyzed historical lead generation activity on Facebook. Examining 2015 data across in-house advertising teams leveraging Nanigans software, the study sample consists of hundreds of millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend and resulting leads.

What’s inside the report:

Discover important lead generation advertising trends, and the answers to these critical questions:

  • When is competition for leads traditionally lowest?
  • Are certain days of the week more cost-effective than others?
  • When do conversion rates tend to peak?
  • How have the largest advertisers achieved success?

Download the report for Facebook advertising insights to help your team generate higher quality leads — and higher return on ad spend — in 2016.

Download the Report

Lead Generation - 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview

Get in-depth analysis on 7 critical lead generation performance metrics

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