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7 Ways To Turn Your Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns Up To 11

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

A version of this post originally ran on Social Media Examiner.

Is your business finding success with Facebook advertising? Wouldn’t you like to keep the momentum going and apply it to future advertising campaigns? The right tactics will allow you to scale great advertising results and help you score similar positive returns in the future. In this post, we’ll explore ways to take what already works and turn it up to 11.

1.Install A Facebook Pixel

A Facebook pixel code allows you to see what happens after users click on your ad. That code will let you see how successfully your ad converts clickers to customers by tracking if people do things like view a certain page, add an item to their cart, buy a product, or fill out a registration form. Tracking peoples’ actions on your site allows you to see what your ad inspires them to do. For example, one ad may be particularly successful at prompting purchases instead of email registrations.

Facebook allows you to easily create the code in Ads Manager, then install that same pixel into your website’s HTML.

Pixel Screenshot 1 - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11Pixel Screenshot 2 - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

Armed with the knowledge that pixels provide, you can focus your budget on the ads that are best suited for helping you reach your business goals.

2. Build Out Lookalike Audiences

If you’ve found success targeting ads towards a particular group of people, you can expand your advertising to reach more people just like them. After all, it only makes sense that users who are similar to your best customers will also be interested in your business. Facebook allows you to reach these related groups by building out Lookalike Audiences.

To get started, you’ll need a source to base your Lookalike Audience on, like people who have installed your app, fans of your Facebook Page, or people who have completed a certain action on your site (which you can find out by installing a pixel, as we discussed above).

Lookalike Audiences Screenshot - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

Building Lookalike Audiences from groups of people who have already clicked on your ads or made a purchase means you can expand your ads to reach people who are also likely to take these actions. This tactic allows you to expand your audience in a smart way and obtain more opportunities to grow your revenue.

3. Explore Advertising Opportunities On Other Social Channels

Did you know that the same targeting options for Facebook are also available on Instagram? This means that you can easily expand your successful Facebook ad campaigns to a platform of highly engaged, mobile-forward users.

NatureBox FB ad - - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11 Nature Box Instagram ad - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

Repurposing your Facebook campaigns for Instagram means a whole new set of creative considerations. Because visuals come first on Instagram, be sure to choose ads that have eye-catching images and minimal text. And before you launch, make sure whatever landing page your ads link to is optimized for mobile, as most Instagram users access the photo-sharing network from their smartphones.

4. Test And Refresh Your Ads

No matter how successful your ads are, your audience will get sick of them if they see the same ad repeatedly. To scale your efforts, take the ads that have historically performed well and create new ads that incorporate similar images or copy. By breaking out those aspects and running them in individual ads, you can pinpoint what it was that made your original campaign a success in the first place. Maybe a particular color, background or model was what drew people in, or maybe a certain call to action (CTA) was especially effective. - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11 2 - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

Regardless of what attracted clicks to your ad, testing out different elements allows you determine how to continue your growth and optimize for a success-driven future.

5. Try Out New Ad Types

Don’t limit yourself to only one type of ad unit. Facebook has many ad options, and you won’t know which your customers prefer unless you test them out. For example, if you’ve seen audiences respond well to particular images, try combining all those successful pictures into a Carousel Ad, which allows you to showcase several images in one ad unit.

BucketFeet Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

By exploring new ad units, you can find new ways to showcase your brand and get a better understanding of what kinds of ads are best for driving action and engagement from your audience.

6. Expand Your Targeting

If you’re only targeting your Facebook ads to audiences on desktop, the next logical step is to target users browsing Facebook on mobile devices as well. As a bonus, ecommerce brands can take their marketing to the next level with Dynamic Product Ads. These innovative units are great for retargeting customers who have abandoned their shopping carts or those who have completed a purchase and may be interested in complimentary products.

DPA J.Crew Factory 2 -  - Turn FB Ad Success Up To 11

As a digital marketer, your mantra should always be “Plan, test, and iterate.”

7. Serve Your Ads To New Audiences

Winning ads can also help you attract new audiences and customers to your business. After all, ads that especially appealed to one demographic may also appeal highly to another. Facebook provides plenty of insights into the many different types of people that visit the site each day. There are plenty of groups that have overlapping interests and needs, which means there’s also a wide range of opportunities to explore new audiences for your business.

Audiences - Turn successful Facebook ad campaigns up to 11

Don’t assume that you’ll only find potential customers in a specific demographic. Once you know which ads speak particularly well to one demographic, use that ad to introduce yourself to new groups of people. Expanding your audience means increasing your chances of attracting new customers and increasing your ROAS.


Once an ad or campaign strikes gold, there are plenty of ways to maximize that success and use it as an opportunity to grow. The most important thing is that you continue to explore and grow ways that your brand can make the most of advertising on Facebook.



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