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The Key To Effective Mobile Ads and Landing Pages

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Mobile optimization is no longer optional for ecommerce companies. With over half of social media time spent on mobile devices, advertisers can’t afford to skip out on mobile-friendly ads and landing pages. When it comes to running effective mobile campaigns through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, simplicity and respect for the user experience is the key to ROI.

Want to grab a mobile viewer’s attention on a small screen and drive clicks, sales and sign-ups with your landing page? Use these three campaigns as inspiration for your own straightforward and impactful mobile content.

WeWork: User Experience

WeWork - Twitter Ad

WeWork Landing Page - Mobile ads and landing pages

WeWork has 78 locations, but this Twitter ad is focused on just one workspace: Atlanta. By zooming in on a particular location, WeWork can target ads more precisely to users who are in the vicinity of that office (and therefore more likely to click). The ad promotes scheduling a tour to see the office in person. Let’s see what happens if we click through:Voila! The landing page gives Atlanta locals a taste of the tour through a series of slick photos. The carousel format is perfect for mobile users who are accustomed to navigating screens via swipe. In the end, all this content drives to the ad’s call-to-action: encouraging people to share their information so they can schedule an in-person walk through.

Aerie: Singular Focus

Aerie Instagram Link ad - Mobile ads and landing pages

Aerie Instagram Ad Mobile Landing Page Aerie Instagram Link ad - Mobile ads and landing pages

Aerie has a wide range of products that it could promote on Instagram. But instead of cramming every single item into one ad, Aerie narrows its focus to one type of product: bralettes. The ad above calls immediate attention to this product, with compelling copy aimed at driving clicks to a mobile-optimized landing page. Post-click, Aerie stays on topic – featuring a guide to choosing the right bralette, plus a range of options that can be filtered and sorted with the click of a button. Instead of bombarding audiences with every item in its inventory, Aerie allows shoppers to explore the very product that interested and brought them to the site in the first place. This makes for a much better mobile user experience. After all, a person who is happy with the browsing experience will also be more likely to continue exploring Aerie’s site and go on to purchase additional products.

Lay’s: Engagement

Lays FB Mobile Video - Mobile ads and landing pages

Lays Landing page Lays FB Mobile Video - Mobile ads and landing pages

An engaged customer is a valuable customer, and Lay’s Flavor Swap contest is all about getting fans to click and swipe. The snack company uses a video ad featuring actress Anna Faris, and a captivating offer (enter to win $250,000) to grab attention from browsers scrolling through their Facebook news feed. Once clicked, the ad directs users to a landing page with the exact same branding and incentive. The “vote and win” CTA, boldly marked landing page and bright red buttons means that there is little distraction or unnecessary clutter getting in the way of driving audiences to take action.

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