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How to Take Control of Your Twitter Advertising

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Twitter AdvertisingTwitter is the world’s fastest growing display ad channel, and for companies looking for new ways to grow revenues from digital advertising, the opportunity has never been bigger.

To arm the most sophisticated in-house marketing teams with the toolset they need to maximize ROI potential on Twitter, Nanigans has brought our industry-leading advertising automation software to the Twitter ecosystem. Recently, Nanigans was formally recognized as a Twitter Official Partner — a distinction that speaks to the value advertisers can achieve using our platform.

Why are top-tier marketing teams at commerce companies around the world choosing Nanigans to scale Twitter advertising success? They’re able to grow revenues, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and increase speed to market — all using software backed by these three essential elements.

1. Proven Direct Response Leadership

In-house performance marketing teams manage, optimize, and measure more than $600 million in annualized ad spend through Nanigans software. The platform is specifically built to meet the needs of large-scale direct response advertisers, who care most about delivering results that grow the bottom line.

Since 2010, Nanigans has powered direct response performance at scale on Facebook, and later across Facebook Exchange, Instagram, and MoPub’s mobile ad exchange. The same technology that has unlocked ROI for hundreds of in-house marketing teams — from predictive revenue optimization to advanced workflow automation — extends to Twitter, too.

Years of experience yield years of real results. Advertisers are already scaling the business impact of direct response campaigns on Twitter, and Dashlane is just one example.

As the maker of a leading password manager and digital wallet platform, Dashlane had a goal of boosting mobile app installs to grow its free and paid user base. Their in-house team was experienced in driving higher return on ad spend using Nanigans software for Facebook and Instagram, so expanding campaigns to Twitter was a natural next step. Using Nanigans’ predictive revenue optimization, Dashlane achieved impressive, continuous improvements in cost per install, conversion rates, and return on ad spend.

We’re exceeding our performance goals, including a double-digit increase in conversion rates and an equally significant decrease in CPAs since moving to Nanigans solution.

EITAN KATZ, Senior Direct Marketing Analyst, Dashlane

2. Deep Vertical Expertise

Trying to be everything for everyone means you can’t be the best for anyone. That’s why, from the start, Nanigans software has been developed to serve savvy marketers in verticals in which digital advertising has become a critical lever of revenue growth. Commerce-focused companies in retail and ecommerce, gaming, lead generation, and the mobile app economy rely on the tailored solutions Nanigans software provides.

Not only is Nanigans software built to meet targeted business needs, but our Customer Success teams have deep experience in specific verticals. They’re well-versed in solutions to challenges such as acquiring more customers like your top purchasers, or growing your app’s user base by launching cross-channel burst campaigns in untapped markets. When you advertise with Nanigans, you’re partnered with a cross-functional team of experts in your vertical, charged with enabling your success on Twitter and beyond.

3. Complete In-House Control

When you invest in managing digital advertising in-house, the driving factor is often a desire for control: of your data, your performance, and your growth potential. Nanigans has long offered in-house marketing teams an unmatched level of control and transparency over how their advertising investments are truly paying off. With Twitter, the value of a single platform under in-house control becomes even greater.

By further consolidating tools and providers, you can realize these benefits across an even wider spectrum of your digital advertising efforts.

  • Cost savings: Funnel more of your advertising budget to the actual ads
  • Performance: Retain ownership over your success potential
  • Expertise: Put your unique industry knowledge to work
  • Speed: React more quickly and autonomously
  • Transparency: Own your data with full visibility

Strike While the Iron is Hot

The Twitter ad ecosystem is young and evolving fast, making now a prime time to scale on the channel. By mastering Twitter before your competitors do, you can capitalize on the chance to reach undiscovered audiences sooner and grow revenues faster. Twitter is rapidly innovating and developing new solutions for direct response advertisers. Couple this ecosystem growth with Nanigans’ proven advertising automation software, and you’re equipped to take flight with Twitter advertising.

Ready to scale advertising success? Download our free resource, The Complete Guide to Direct Response Advertising on Twitter.

Free Guide: Direct Response Advertising on Twitter

Get targeting insights, best practices, and more to power large-scale success on Twitter, the world’s fastest growing display ad channel.

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