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3 Brands Winning Cross-Channel Advertising On Facebook And Instagram

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Running campaigns on Instagram is a no-brainer for Facebook advertisers, thanks to audience and targeting parity. Although marketers are free to run the same ads on both channels, it’s definitely worth experimenting with different messaging, ad units and segmentation to find out the highest-value combinations. Not sure where to start? Here’s how three brands tailored the style, voice and delivery of their Facebook and Instagram campaigns to drive more clicks and revenue on each platform.

1. Pantene: Know Your Demographics

While Instagram and Facebook are popular across all demographics, each speak especially well to particular groups. Pantene takes all this into consideration by crafting its ads to reach different audiences on each channel.

Pantene Facebook video ad

In Pantene‘s Facebook ad, NFL players bond with their daughters while styling their hair. The touching video speaks to family-focused parents who go through the same hair routine with their own children. Creating content specifically for parents on Facebook is a smart choice, as parents spend 1.3X more time on the site than non-parents.

Pantene Instagram video ad

Among internet users ages 18-29, over half use Instagram. Pantene targets this younger crowd with a video ad featuring millennial pop star Selena Gomez. The music video format speaks to younger audiences who value current and cool content.

2. Banana Republic: Optimize For Mobile

It’s important to consider the user experience when you’re creating ad campaigns for different social media platforms. Below, Banana Republic uses different ad units on Facebook and Instagram, based on the devices that users are likely to view campaigns on.

Banana Republic Facebook Carousel Ad - Facebook and Instagram ads

Banana Republic uses Facebook’s Carousel Ad to spotlight a specific pants style. Each slide features a shot from a catalog-style photoshoot, with specific benefits listed in the copy. Product-focused images fit in with Facebook’s native content, which consists of articles and photos that users share with friends. In addition, Facebook still has a large desktop audience likely to appreciate the shopping-friendly nature of this ad unit.

Banana Republic instagram video ad

In contrast, Banana Republic uses a GIF format on Instagram to showcase several different styles in its Spring collection. The movement of the video is especially effective on mobile-first Instagram, where the ad fills up most of a smartphone screen. The casual, selfie style of the images also complements organic content featuring popular Instagram hashtags like #outfitoftheday.

3. NatureBox: Experiment With Incentives

Promotions and discounts are a great way to create a sense of immediacy and motivate audiences to click on your ad. One of the benefits of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is that you can test how your promotions perform on each channel and determine what language or offer is driving the most conversions.

 NatureBox FB Link Ad copy- Facebook Instagram Ads

NatureBox‘s Facebook ad puts the value proposition of the company – a healthy snacks subscription service – front and center. The offer of two free snacks is more subtle, located in the copy above the image. Positioned this way, someone viewing the ad would be drawn in by the convenience and nutritional benefits of NatureBox before they were sold on the free samples.

 NatureBox Instagram Link Ad - Facebook Instagram Ads

NatureBox shakes up its approach on Instagram, where the offer now takes center stage as text overlay. Here, a viewer would be drawn in by the 50% off incentive, and then read on to learn about the company’s mission statement. Testing different copy, positioning, and offers on Facebook and Instagram means brands will have a steady stream of data pointing to users’ messaging tastes and preferences.

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