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The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising [eBook]

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

There’s more to Instagram advertising than meets the eye. With over 400 million monthly active users, Instagram’s popularity is exploding. This mobile, visual platform can be a powerful revenue driver for advertisers who know how to combine eye-catching creative with action-inspiring direct response strategies.

For example, one online retailer promoting daily flash sales prioritized showing only the highest quality product photography in its Instagram ads. The result? An impressive 219% increase in purchase rates.

When you’re trying to move the needle with meaningful direct response performance on Instagram, compelling creative — from images to videos to ad copy — can make or break your success. Whether you’re driving higher average order value, growing your mobile app’s user base, or generating high-quality business leads, understanding how to leverage bold creative to inspire action is critical.

The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising
Which creative strategies perform best on Instagram? The answer is different for every advertiser, but following proven creative best practices is a smart place to start. The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising is a free guide full of insights to help you accelerate growth and start achieving real results that boost the bottom line.

In this free guide, you’ll find:

  • Creative strategies for getting started
  • Performance-driven best practices
  • Actionable tactics for high-ROI ecommerce, gaming, and lead generation ads
  • Simple ways to replicate what works with creative refreshing

Instagram is a community built around creative visual inspiration, so don’t let lackluster ad creative limit your direct response advertising potential. Download the free guide to go from simply picturing higher ROI to achieving it today.

Download the Free Guide

Picturing Higher ROI: The Marketer’s Creative Guide to Instagram Advertising

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