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4 Perfectly Targeted Twitter Ads That Digital Marketers Need To See

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. If you want your Twitter ads to be successful, you need to make sure that they’re reaching the right audience. Fortunately, Twitter offers a wide variety of targeting options, from Tailored Audiences to Keywords. There are already many brands on the site who are targeting their Twitter ads in unique and impactful ways to drive website visits, app installs, or purchases. See how these four brands are targeting their Twitter ads to achieve their direct response objectives:

Red Bull: Follower Targeting

Energy drink brand Red Bull has made a name for itself with bold messaging that speaks to athletes and anyone else who needs an energy boost to push their body to the next level. So it makes sense that Red Bull would want to align its branding with influencers who preach a similar motivational attitude.

Red Bull Twitter GIF - Twitter Ad Targeting


In the GIF ad above, Red Bull uses follower targeting to get in front of the 76,000+ followers of professional dancer Shorty. Because this audience has already expressed an interest in her dance moves and high-energy lifestyle, they’re also very likely to be ideal customers for Red Bull. Red Bull takes this ad one step further by providing a personalized reply to Shorty’s tweet about an intense morning spin class. Red Bull actually illustrates her into the ad’s GIF, making the promoted tweet specific to not just Shorty, but followers who will see the ad. This conversational, personalized messaging fits right in with organic Twitter content – making it a winner.

Acorns: Retargeting

The success of a mobile app often lies in user retention. With 43% of US smartphone owners only using four to six apps on an average day, it’s more important than ever that app marketers ensure that users engage with their app after downloading it to their mobile device.

Acorns - Twitter ad targeting


Investment app Acorns uses Twitter ads to remind lapsed users to engage with its app. The Twitter ad above is tailored to motivate users to stay committed to the app through language like “Don’t forget to complete your Acorns account!” and “Start now.” Acorns also presents the investment app as low-risk and low-commitment with the phrase “the average user invests over $1 a day!” This makes using Acorns more appealing and accessible to audiences, and takes away any hesitation they may have had.  In addition, a call-to-action (CTA) button that goes straight to the Acorns app when clicked allows users to take immediate action on the ad.

Hired: Interest Targeting

People use Twitter to talk about what they love and what’s on their mind – which means there are plenty of opportunities for advertisers to reach users based on their likes and interests. Below, job marketplace Hired uses Twitter’s keyword targeting and interest targeting to deliver hyper-specific ads directly to the people most likely to click on them.

Hired Twitter Link - Twitter Ad Targeting


The ad creative is tailored specifically to developers, containing a sneaky hidden message only they can decode. In ASCII numbers, the ad tells techies “Let the best start-ups apply to you.” An ad that literally speaks only to users with a particular skill set needs precise targeting to make sure it’s seen by audiences who can actually read it. In this way, Hired uses targeting to add an element of exclusivity and fun to an ad that is designed just for its audience.

Android Wear: Device Targeting

When the product that you’re selling is specific to a particular type of mobile device, it makes sense that you’d want your ad to be seen by audiences who actually own that particular device. That’s where Twitter’s device targeting comes in handy. Android Wear uses a Twitter GIF ad to promote its MODE smartwatch to Twitter users who access the site on Android smartphones. After all, a person who is already using an Android device would be more likely to buy other products from the company, especially when it’s a connected item like a smartwatch.

Android Wear Twitter GIF - Twitter Ad Targeting

This type of targeting is also useful for app developers who only want to generate installs on particular devices, or who want to reach Twitter users who have recently purchased a new smartphone and are more likely to install new apps or services. When you target these ads to particular mobile devices, make sure that the landing page that your ad drives to is also optimized for mobile. Otherwise, users will grow frustrated with difficult navigation and will abandon your site before they can convert.


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