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The ABCs of Managing High-ROI Advertising Campaigns for Online Universities

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Advertising for online education is a complex challenge. Not only do digital marketers need to reach a large, diverse audience, but they also need to drive downstream actions while running multiple ad campaigns at scale – sometimes for multiple programs within one school or multiple schools within a university umbrella. How can online education advertisers drive revenue while juggling all these factors at once? Here are three strategies that make managing online education campaigns easier and more efficient:

Audience Segmentation: Differentiate Schools and Programs

Universities know that the audiences interested in their education programs are a diverse group. Whether you’re looking to target a 20-something male who wants to study up for a career in marketing, or a middle aged mom looking to gain programming skills in order to change careers, you need campaign segmentation capabilities in order to run ads that speak to each student cohort (and therefore help you reach your enrollment goals).

Segmenting your campaigns across schools or programs allows you to address these specific audience needs. It also gives you the flexibility to fine-tune messaging so you can effectively target verying personas. In addition, campaign segmentation allows you to use Lookalike Audiences – a powerful tool for targeting leads who share similarities with your “best” customers (for example, currently enrolled students).

Nanigans online education advertising softwareBig Picture: Maximize Advertising Automation

Running a high-value ad campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter requires many moving pieces, and advertisers who opt for manual portfolio management across different schools and degree programs will quickly get bogged down by small tasks. To avoid getting overwhelmed and distracted by details, you need to automate your advertising campaigns.

Advertising automation offers many features that liberate online education advertisers from repetitive tasks. With automated bidding, budgeting, pacing, creative testing, ad creation/deployment, and scheduling, you don’t need to constantly tweak the settings for your campaigns in order to capitalize on favorable marketplace trends. It’s also easier to manage and schedule time-constrained campaigns (e.g. school with multiple program application deadlines).

With all the efficiency gained through workflow automation, you’re free to analyze enrollment performance across schools, programs, audiences, and channels, optimizing toward best-performing segments.

Campaign Next Steps: Scale Success

Once you’re consistently hitting Cost per lead (CPL) and cost per enrollment (CPE) goals, the ability to identify what’s working across channels and create hundreds of variations of successful ads in minutes is critical to generating even more qualified leads and boosting overall enrollment for your school. But there’s one more key to expanding the scope of your online education campaigns that we haven’t mentioned yet. Here’s what the Social Media Marketing Manager from a leading online education provider has to say:

I know I’ve mentioned several features, but I can’t possibly leave out our amazing Nanigans team, Nader and Erica; they really go above and beyond. Besides being incredibly responsive, they proactively anticipate our needs and make suggestions to help us reach our goals.

Are you looking for advertising automation software backed by proactive, strategic support teams with deep expertise in empowering education marketers? Get in touch. 

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