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5 Vital Strategies For Improving User Acquisition With Twitter Ads

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Whether you’re marketing an ecommerce app, game or business, Twitter ads make user acquisition easy. With the ability to target over 310 million monthly active users around the globe, your ads can reach a massive audience of potential customers. How can you convert Twitter users into loyal, valuable customers? Here are five strategies for success, and examples from advertisers who are currently using them to attract and acquire new business on Twitter.

1. Explore Mobile And Desktop Targeting

Twitter’s short-form style and the fact that  83% of Twitter users are active on smartphones or tablets make it the perfect platform for mobile advertising – but as with any form of marketing, your targeting approach should be backed by data. To find out whether audiences are most receptive to your ads on mobile or desktop devices, Twitter recommends running separate ad campaigns in order to spot differences in user behavior and determine what type of ad speaks to audiences on each device.

Zipcar Twitter Ads - Twitter User Acquisition Zipcar‘s Twitter campaigns feature ads that are tailored for either desktop or mobile devices. The desktop ad on the left lists the benefits of joining the company’s car sharing service, with a focus on the destinations that users can access when they join on Zipcar’s website. Meanwhile, the mobile ad on the right speaks to the swift and snackable nature of Twitter’s content as well as mobile users’ need for immediacy and flexibility.

 2. Harness The Power Of “Now”

Are you leveraging the power of now in your mobile app install campaigns? Twitter’s MAI ad units allow users to download and start using your app in just a couple clicks. According to Twitter, companies that can capture the immediacy of the moment with language like “now,” “hurry,” or “quick” can lower cost-per-installs 36% and boost conversion rate after the click 9%.

Nintendo Twitter Ad - Twitter User Acquisition

Nintendo knows how to use immediacy to promote its first smart device app Miitomo. The introductory positioning fits right in with Twitter’s newsy, up to the moment vibe,  while encouraging app downloads with language that simultaneously conveys urgency and exclusive benefits. By telling Twitter users to “download now for free!”, the ad focuses attention on the call-to-action (CTA) button – and the ultimate goal of getting users to start interacting with their friends on Miitomo.

3. Experiment With Different Ad Types

Twitter offers a wide range of ad types. Testing each one out and promoting those with the best ROI is a great way  boost your user acquisition campaign performance. Different ad types can appeal to audiences in different ways, and exploring ad unit options may help you stumble across a different, more efficient path for winning over users. In the Twitter ads below, Starbucks takes a varied approach to growing its base of loyal customers.

Starbucks Twitter ads - Twitter User Acquisition

With the MAI ad on the left, Starbucks hopes to acquire mobile app users with the incentive of rewarding purchase behavior. In the Link Ad on the right, Starbucks attracts valuable customers by inviting them to sign up for reminders about promotional happy hours for its popular Frappuccino drink. Both of these Twitter ads aim to build customer loyalty and long-term value by acquiring users for Starbuck’s digital assets, but with these ad unit experiments the beverage giant can determine whether exclusive events or easy ordering capabilities inspire more interest in the brand.

4. Refresh Creative

When users scroll through their Twitter feeds and come across your ad, the image is the first thing they’ll notice – or ignore. That means advertisers need to figure out which kinds of photos capture viewers’ attention. Running a creative test is the most efficient and precise way to determine what gets audiences to pause, read your copy, and click the accompanying link or CTA button.

Postmates Twitter Ad - Twitter User Acquisition

For food delivery app Postmates, creative testing is as simple as determining what food gets viewers salivating. Above, Postmates tries out different campaign tactics — whether it’s tempting users with a variety of chicken wings, or offering close-up visuals of a single dish from a well-known brand like Chipotle. By evaluating the success of each ad, Postmates can determine what drives Twitter users to download the Postmates app and start ordering food.

5. Target A Variety Of Groups With Tailored Content

Twitter offers a variety of targeting options to help marketers deliver their ads to audiences who will be most likely to click. As with creative, ad unit and device testing, it’s best to spend some time exploring ways to boost ad relevance through targeting. One way to accomplish this is to cater creative to specific types of customers. For example, Jet‘s ecommerce app allows users to buy an incredibly wide variety of products. Instead of promoting this variety, Jet segments its ads to include products that will appeal to a specific group, and then targets ads towards that group.

Jet Twitter Ad - Twitter User Acquisition

In the example above, Jet’s Twitter MAI ad features diapers and baby products. By targeting moms and dads on Twitter, Jet can ensure that this ad will be seen by people who would be interested in these items. As a bonus, targeting parents with a campaign for items they will need throughout their baby’s infancy also means that Jet can win loyal customers who will use the app in the future to stock up on essential items for children and teens.

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