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The Playbook: Minimizing Complexity in Digital Advertising

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

To grow revenues in the competitive world of digital advertising, you need a winning playbook.

That’s why we launched The Playbook, a video series featuring data-driven strategies and tips to take your direct response performance to the next level.

Imagine that you’re advertising many products under one umbrella; some products are far more valuable than others, the creative is regulated by law, and people who click on your ads may convert days if not weeks down the line.

In this episode of The Playbook, Nanigans Senior Product Specialist Erik Mansur discusses complex online campaign management and how strategy groups, metadata tagging, flexible attribution windows, and advanced reporting can help ease the pain.

Lead Generation: 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview

This report analyzes performance data from advertisers managing lead generation campaigns on Facebook, helping uncover important trends and answer your key questions.

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