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Keeping Up With The Competition: Facebook Advertising Benchmarks

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

How does your Facebook advertising campaign performance compare to your competitors? Marketing teams that keep this question constantly in their minds will be better situated to spot emerging advertising trends and keep up with a swiftly evolving digital ad landscape.

These fresh-off-the-presses stats from our Q2 2016 Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report will help inform your Facebook advertising strategy for 2016 and help you win over valuable customers in the upcoming holiday season.

Online Retailers Flock To Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s dynamic ads (formerly dynamic product ads) continue to see soaring adoption among ecommerce advertisers. Dynamic ads enable real-time, feed-driven, highly personalized promotions so advertisers can more effectively convert new customers or re-engage existing ones. 14% more ecommerce ad spend went to Facebook’s dynamic ads in Q2 2016 compared to the prior quarter, driven by improved downstream performance versus traditional retargeting campaigns on the channel.

Dynamic Ads Ecomm - FB Advertising Benchmarks Competition

Gaming Marketers Drive Scale With Carousel Ads

Game advertisers continue to leverage Facebook’s carousel ad format to engage and acquire new high-value users. Carousel ads, which offer a flexible creative canvas with multiple images or videos, attracted 29% more gaming ad spend in Q2 2016 versus the previous quarter. Developers like Pocket Gems have achieved record-breaking success using Nanigans software to scale performance with carousel ads.

gaming carousel ads - FB Advertising Benchmarks Competition

Mobile Dominates Ecommerce Ad Spend

80% of global Facebook ad spend through Nanigans in Q2 2016 was allocated to reach audiences on mobile, and online retailers drove much of that growth. Ecommerce ad spend was 65% mobile, up from 60% the prior quarter and 52% in Q2 2015. As mobile- and commerce- focused innovations like dynamic ads have gained popularity, retailers using Nanigans are finding increasing value in reaching mobile customers to drive new and repeat purchases.

Mobile ecomm - FB Advertising Benchmarks Competition

ROI Increases As Ad Spend Continues To Grow

Direct response marketers using Nanigans software to advertise on Facebook continue to invest heavily in the channel as a result of increasing returns. Among 20 of the highest-spending ecommerce and game advertisers using Nanigans over the past year, return on ad spend (ROAS) rose by an average of 75% year-over-year in Q2 2016. Greater returns unlocked more ad spend on the channel, as advertisers increased quarterly budgets by an average of 200% over the same time frame.


Q2 2016 Facebook Ad Benchmark Report

Stay ahead of the competition! Access additional Facebook advertising benchmarks stats in our full report.

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