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5 More Instagram Ad Creative Best Practices For Digital Marketers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Instagram is a visually-focused platform, so the bar for creative is high. Aside from Instagram’s own creative recommendations, other best practices are beginning to emerge as this young advertising platform grows up. In September of 2015 we released our first set of suggestions for optimizing the look and feel of Instagram campaigns; that article went on to become our most popular blog post of the year. To provide advertisers with more tips on attracting clicks and driving revenue, we’ve compiled some additional advice:

1. Get Colorful

When users are scrolling through images in their Instagram feed, the first thing that will jump out at them is color. The bright shades in your ad will make it stand out from the crowd, but be cautious about which you select, because colors can evoke emotional responses from viewers! Carefully use color to create an atmosphere for your products or services and convey your brand’s unique voice.

Instagram advertising with color


2. Think Mobile First

Instagram is seldom browsed on desktop, which means your ads need to be designed with mobile in mind in order to succeed. Ensure that your images are easy to read on smaller screens by using stark, flat designs and uncomplicated imagery. If your ad creative includes text, make sure it’s large enough to be easily read on mobile devices. Also, make sure you adhere to Instagram’s rule restricting text from covering more than 20% of your image. Most importantly, make sure your ad links to a mobile-optimized landing page. If your ad doesn’t link to a site designed for mobile, you risk losing potential customers who will easily get frustrated trying to navigate through a page that isn’t designed to suit their browsing experience.

Instagram MAI

3. Audience Relevance

Every audience responds to imagery differently, so be sure to tailor your ad creative to the specific segments that you’re targeting. For example, ads targeted to young, trend-setting consumers are likely to perform well if they feature imagery focused on cutting edge styles and the latest trends. Ads aimed at travelers may be more likely to spark a conversion if they are tailored based on specific locations of interest. To uncover which creative elements speak best to each audience, try running a creative test.

Instagram insurance video advertising

4. Differentiate by Design

If your ad didn’t include your company’s name or logo, would your target audience still recognize your creative as undeniably you? Try to promote ad creative that is instantly identifiable with your brand in order to differentiate yourself from competitors and other advertisers on Instagram. Experiment with tactics like sticking to one creative theme in each ad, or infusing your ad with your brand’s signature color or style.

Instagram advertising branding

5. One Selling Point

There are undoubtedly many reasons why someone should be interested in what your business has to offer. However, throwing every single benefit into your Instagram campaign will make ads look cluttered and difficult to understand. Keep your ads simple and streamlined by dedicating the creative to just one selling point. If you do want to showcase more than one product or promotion, try using the carousel ad format — that way, items will be neatly organized and grouped according to a theme or category and you will have the copy space to explain each image.

Breather video carousel

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