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An Insider’s Scoop on Lead Generation Advertising

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Nader Khalil

The success of lead generation advertising lies in marketers’ ability to convert high-quality leads at scale. At Nanigans, a dedicated team of advertising specialists empowers online education, insurance, and financial services customers to achieve these important growth and revenue goals. What insights have we picked up from partnering with numerous lead gen companies over the years? Nanigans’ Senior Account Director of Lead Generation and Travel Nader Khalil has the following inside scoop:

What goals do your customers usually have, and how does working with Nanigans help them succeed?

Lead generation is the epitome of direct response. It’s interesting because the entire business objective is to connect the most qualified and interested people with companies that can then provide them a product or service. What this means is that lead gen goals vary and are fully contingent on the goals of the company they are working with. Nanigans advertising automation software allows lead gen customers and agencies to optimize towards actual user value, which is hugely important when their success or failure depends on the margin they make between buying and selling a qualified lead.

Lead generation - Lead Generation Advertising Insider StrategiesHow frequently do you work with individual customers, and what do you usually discuss with them?

Nanigans is a SaaS platform, but that doesn’t mean our customers are out on their own. Outside of the ad-hoc phone calls and responsive support, we help with technical issues and campaign management questions. We also have strategic calls that focus on growth and new products or features that should be considered. Nanigans dedicated customer success staff also proactively monitor campaigns to ensure customers’ goals are met. At the end of the day we expect that Nanigans will compliment the inherent value provided by the publishers/platforms we work with, so engaging our counterparts on that end is also important to providing a holistic solution to the customer.

What recommendations do you have for addressing common customer challenges?

Customers face certain systematic risk that is market-wide, and unsystematic risk that you could view as more lead gen-specific. Nanigans has a much broader view of the market due to the large number of advertisers and verticals we serve, so we can provide aggregate insights into market conditions and how to be successful when initiating a test of new products and features. Meanwhile, our customer success teams are vertical-specific, so we have experience and an understanding of what is happening in a particular industry to assist customers more granularly.

What aspect of the Nanigans software do you think helps in-house lead gen advertisers the most?

As I mentioned earlier, lead gen customers live and die by their ability to understand the value of a particular segment and pay for that traffic accordingly. With this in mind, many of our top customers have built in-depth technology to understand user value based on their particular attributes. Nanigans’ ability to absorb that conversion value and apply it to future bid decisions dynamically is essential to them running efficient spend at scale.

Lead Gen - Lead Generation Advertising Insider StrategiesWhat advice do you have for lead generation advertisers?

Start with what you know. It’s no surprise that there is a movement towards in-house management of digital media. Businesses know themselves best and are able to understand value and drive accountability by running ad spend directly. Outside of that, I think it’s important to continue testing new creative, audiences, and products. It is very easy for an evergreen campaign to become background noise to a person who has seen it multiple times, so keep audience saturation top of mind.

What advertising trends have you seen emerging recently? 

With traffic acquisition being the core competency of this vertical, lead gen advertisers are by necessity early adopters of new products and technologies. Doing so allows them to gain early access to traffic that may be undervalued for a short time. It is important to remember that a lot of these “trends” are driven by what Facebook and other channels develop for advertisers to use! We’ve continued to see growth in mobile advertising and some cool features that come with that (such as location-based offers), while video, dynamic and lead ad products have done a great job at delivering more engaging and tailored ad experiences.

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