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Sticking the Landing Page: Gold Medal Winning Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Written by: Juliana Casale, Director of Marketing

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

A lot goes into running a successful paid advertising campaign online, from choosing the right audience to target, setting a budget that allows the flexibility to attract high-value customers, to designing wow-worthy creative. But what separates good digital marketers from great ones is what happens after the ad has been served; does that click turn into a conversion, or simply a missed opportunity?

In honor of the Summer Olympics, we’re taking a look at a few brands who deserve a gold medal for not only crafting compelling online advertising campaigns, but optimizing their landing pages to maximize the mobile shopping experience. Here’s what makes these ecommerce* marketers pedestal-worthy, from simple to most complex:

Warby Parker

The popular purveyor of eyeglasses uses zoomed-in portraits with dialed-up colors to promote its line of summer sunglasses and frames on Instagram. A click of the “Shop Now” CTA button, and shoppers are transported to a landing page with very similar messaging.

Gold medal landing pages for mobile advertising

Note that the header on the mobile screen spells out “Summer 2016,” and the copy also denotes the season, aligning precisely with the feel of the ad campaign. Warby Parker scores points for landing page simplicity with the large feature photo,  minimal link clutter, and mobile-friendly scrollability.

The Gap

Using a similar approach to advertising photography, The Gap zeroes in on the Tinkerbell pattern of a little girl’s denim dress. However, when Instagram users click on the “Shop Now” CTA, they are presented with not just the item in question, but a full outfit available for purchase.

Landing page mobile advertising the gap

Rather than targeting shoppers with one dress and then retargeting them with additional, complimentary items, The Gap cleverly presents all the components of an outfit upfront, upselling to mobile shoppers in a natural, even helpful way. This kind of approach is great for online retailers looking to boost the average value of mobile orders.


From the get-go, BucketFeet grabs eyeballs with a high-impact, orange-themed carousel photo. After getting a taste of the range of women’s shoes that the retailer has on offer, interested shoppers who click on the “Shop Now” CTA button land on a page that is not only scrollable, but sortable.

gold medal mobile advertising bucketfeet

Mobile shoppers are free to peruse the pre-arranged pairs of shoes on display, or filter by size and design as well as best sellers and sale items. It’s a choose your own adventure kind of experience that offers flexibility without overwhelming potential customers with too many options.

*For the purposes of this post, all examples are from retailers on Instagram – but these landing page lessons can easily be applied to other verticals and other social channels! Go forth and optimize.

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