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4 Next-Level Twitter Advertising Strategies For Performance Marketers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

Want to make your Twitter advertising campaigns more effective? There are many strategies that can help you generate additional revenue from your Twitter ads. Try these next-level techniques that will get audiences viewing, clicking — and converting! — on your ads.

1. Ask Questions

Twitter is a conversation-friendly channel that allows audiences to communicate directly with brands. Tapping into Twitter’s social nature can help your ads not only fit in, but also generate engagement, clicks and help develop long-term brand loyalty.

Postmates Twitter MAI - Next Level Twitter Advertising

In the ad above, Postmates strikes up a conversation with Twitter audiences. By asking users if they’re hungry for many different kinds of foods, Postmates cleverly highlights a variety of its delivery offerings. A promo code for order discounts and the ability to download the app immediately from Postmates’ ad makes it easy for audiences to go from answering the question in the ad to actually becoming a Postmates customer.

2. Make Your Creative Relatable

Targeting is such a big component in online advertising because increased relevance = increased conversions. Tailoring your ads to specific audiences — like dads, newlyweds, or young professionals — increases the likelihood that they will notice your ad and take an action — whether that’s a purchase, sign up, or quote request.

Best Buy Twitter Ads

Best Buy creates ads that are specifically designed to resonate with particular audiences. The first ad, geared towards students, emphasizes the time-saving aspects of its Geek Squad tech support and includes problems they can relate to, like homework assignments. In the second ad, however, Best Buy speaks directly to heads of the household as it promotes a seasonal appliance sale. By emphasizing special deals and tailoring language in the ad to match this audience, Best Buy can connect with this group more easily.

3.  Incorporate Influencers

Influencers rule on Twitter, where large audiences follow them to get inspiration and recommendations. Mentioning the names of popular Twitter users in your ads can potentially boost the exposure of your campaign, especially if you target those ads towards followers of a certain influencer.

Twitter advertising - Target Influencer carousel

In this picture-perfect carousel ad, Target borrows some star power from Twitter influencers like @brittnull and @itsjudytime – a popular blogger known for posting about her young daughters. Rather than merely mentioning influencers on Twitter, Target smartly incoporates their enthusiastic tweets about new children’s clothing line Cat and Jack directly into the campaign.

4. Promote Useful Content

Does your company offer published articles and content? Or a blog with posts that audiences would find helpful? Then you have the perfect material for your ads.

Many Twitter users actively follow specific handles in order to see their content. Therefore, promoting your own content in ads is a great way to tap into your audience’s interests. Using your own pieces of content in the ad will motivate users to click through to read that particular article or blog post on your site.

Chase Twitter Link Ad - Next Level Twitter Advertising

Chase for Business doesn’t explicitly promote its products in the Twitter ad above. Instead, the financial services company promotes a piece of content from the Chase website that offers helpful tips for business owners. Viewers are drawn to the ad because it provides valuable advice; however, once they are on the site Chase can easily move them down the conversion funnel with offers and incentives.

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