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Scaling Up: Accelerated Ad Creation and Campaign Performance Analysis

Written by: Andrew Waber, Market Insights and Media Relations Manager

One thread that ties together all successful direct response advertisers is agility – both in terms of ad iteration and ability to scale. This is a constant battle, particularly as companies grow and begin advertising across multiple target markets, geographies, or languages.

Two of the latest improvements to Nanigans advertising automation software help smooth that road for advertisers, allowing users to both create hundreds of ad variations in seconds, and analyze results in record time.


Our new Rebuild feature, existing alongside Nanigans’ best-in-class reporting and Creative Tester features, gives advertisers the ability to restore and edit ads and their associated components.

Now, advertisers can test and scale campaigns in seconds.

A Nanigans user can, for example, select an existing ad and, after choosing “Rebuild” to view its attributes, change the image or destination URL in order to create similar creatives for testing or scaling purposes within seconds. Depending on what an advertiser is looking to test, they can quickly create hundreds of iterations on ads, creatives, audiences, and more, all within the Rebuild tool.

These abilities are a tremendous asset for advertisers – enabling more dynamic tests to find the ad combinations that resonate best with target audiences, and rapid increases in spend volume once they do.


Nanigans Rebuild ad feature

On Demand Data Analysis

In another move to augment the agility of Nanigans advertisers, a recent product update makes viewing and manipulating complex pivot tables in Nanigans’ software a whole lot quicker and easier.

Based on hundreds of thousands of hours of user interactions with the Nanigans platform, the new On Demand Data Analysis feature predictively loads exactly which hierarchy levels of data need to be accessed at any given time in order to maximize a marketer’s insights and time efficiencies.

With this latest improvement, advertisers can create and iterate on pivot tables of data faster than ever before.

For example, a Nanigans user can load a performance view of hundreds of performance metrics for up to 30,000 ads with up to 25 levels of roll-ups/groupings in under a second. The underlying predictive algorithm means that On Demand Data Analysis begins loading data sets a marketer is likely to need next, before the marketer even asks for it.

Both these features are live on Nanigans and are already helping advertisers take their efforts to the next level in terms of ad effectiveness, analysis, and scale.

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