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Twitter’s Audience Platform: A Mobile Campaign Rocket Booster

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Twitter already helps brands reach millions of people every day with mobile-friendly, precisely targeted direct response ads. Now advertisers can take those same ads and use them to connect with audiences beyond the site and within the fast-growing app ecosystem.

What Is The Twitter Audience Platform?

Infographic - Twitter Audience Platform

The Twitter Audience Platform allows advertisers to take ads that are already running on Twitter and push them to a larger mobile audience through Twitter’s extensive publisher network, which is comprised of thousands of apps.

When it launched in 2014, Twitter’s Advertising Platform initially only offered app install and re-engagement ads for off-Twitter advertising. However, those offerings have expanded, and advertisers can now use the Twitter Audience Platform to also drive Tweet engagement and video views.

With the newest creative features on the platform, Twitter advertisers can turn promoted tweets into immersive in-app ad formats including video, native ads, banners, and interstitials.

How Does The Twitter Audience Platform Work?

3_Ads - Twitter Audience Platforms

As you create your Twitter ads, you can choose to run them on the Twitter Audience Platform. When you select this targeting option, the reach of your campaign will extend to the thousands of apps and websites that your intended audience uses every day.

Your calls to action for those ads will also be displayed, so you can still work towards direct response campaign goals like driving clicks to your website or generating app installs.

Why Should Mobile Advertisers Use The Twitter Audience Platform?

Advertisers are seeing great results with the Twitter Audience Platform. The social network says running campaigns across Twitter and the Twitter Audience Platform can double advertisers’ reach and lower CPEs by as much as 30%.

Additionally, a study showed that users both on and off Twitter spent about 123% more time with Twitter Audience Platform ads compared to traditional mobile interstitial ads. That research also showed that non-Twitter users who saw a Twitter Audience Platform ad expressed about 11% more positive sentiment towards the brand advertiser.

On top of all this, advertisers are singing praises for Twitter’s Audience Platform. Just look at what omnichannel retailer Macy’s had to say about using it to increase brand awareness:

Macy's Ad - Twitter Audience Network

By extending our ad campaign from Twitter to mobile apps, we were able to drive incremental reach, strong performance, and promotional efficiencies. We achieved an engagement rate of 7.85%, which surpassed industry benchmarks for mobile display campaigns. The Twitter Audience Platform allowed us to easily connect with our audience throughout their day. Expanding the reach of the Promoted Tweet into apps made for a unique ad unit that drove strong engagement with our brand.

-Serena Potter, Group Vice President, Digital Media Strategy

Samsung Mobile UK also saw great success when it extended its Promoted video onto the Twitter Audience Platform. Here’s what the brand had to say about how the platform helped them reach their key target audience in apps throughout the day:

When video on the Twitter Audience Platform launched we were keen to be the first UK advertiser to make use of this functionality. We saw a 365% increase in video views on the Twitter Audience Platform and CPVs saw an 84% decrease.

-Graeme Winston, Paid Social Associate Director

Samsung Ad - Twitter Audience Platform

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