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Twitter Event Targeting: Tap Into What’s Trending

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted.

Twitter’s newsy nature makes it the ultimate hub of real-time buzz. Whether it’s the Olympics, the Oscars, breaking news or the latest music festival, Twitter is the place for discussing events as they happen. With event targeting, Twitter offers advertisers a way to reach the 313 million users who regularly flock to the site to chat about the day’s hottest happenings.

Here’s how advertisers can use Twitter advertising to join the conversation surrounding live events.

What Is Twitter Event Targeting?

You can combine event targeting with other key targeting types like gender, device and language so you can serve your ads to precisely the right segment of an event audience.

What Are Best Practices For Using Twitter Event Targeting?

Twitter has several recommendations that will help your ad receive views and clicks during popular events:

  • Twitter’s audience insights can help you determine whether a particular event presents the right opportunity for your business. Make sure the audience consists of people who are ideal customers, and that your own ads fit into the theme of the event.
  • Most people start talking about events long before they occur. Get in on early buzz by targeting your ads ahead of time. This way, you can determine early on which ad creative receives the best response, so you can put the most budget behind ads that you know will perform well.
  • If your business will already be running non-social ads during a particular event, be sure to tie your Twitter ads into that campaign as well. For example, if your business will be running a TV ad during an event like the Grammys, make sure your Twitter ads repeat that theme or offer another take on the ads that your audience has seen elsewhere. This approach will reinforce your message and provide users with the opportunity to take further action by clicking through your ad.

How Are Advertisers Using Twitter Event Targeting?

General Mills: Rabbit Olympics

General Mills Twitter Video Ad - Twitter Event Targeting

Above, General Mills ties its commitment to “real” ingredients in with the Summer Olympics by sharing an ad showcasing live rabbits reenacting popular competitive sports like diving, track, and gymnastics. The adorable Olympic-themed video pairs nicely with what audiences are watching on TV and fosters further discussion on Twitter with a dedicated hashtag.

Bud Light: Cantasy Football

Twitter event targeting - Bud Light

Joining in the conversation about the return of football season, Bud Light uses event targeting to reach NFL audiences on Twitter with a fun video ad. Rather than the copy approach that General Mills took above, Bud Light uses a call to action button to encourage viewers to spread the word about Cantasy Football.

Squarespace: Super Bowl Touchdown

Squarespace Twitter Ad - Twitter Event Targeting

Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial featuring comedic duo Key and Peele dominated TV, but that didn’t stop them from also developing an equally impactful Twitter campaign. Using Twitter’s event targeting, Squarespace carried over the theme of that TV commercial to a video ad reacting to the buzz the commercial generated online. With this strategy, Squarespace continues the conversation, increasing the reach of its commercial while adapting to Twitter’s real-time nature.

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