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How Nanigans’ Automated Stop Loss Helps Online Advertisers Succeed

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Businesses that advertise on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have an incredible opportunity to achieve high return on ad spend (ROAS) through powerful targeting to a massive audience.

However, to maximize your ad dollars on these sites, you need to be certain that your campaigns are meeting or exceeding your performance goals. How do you keep poor performing ads from draining your digital marketing budget? The answer lies in Nanigans’ Stop Loss feature.

What Is Stop Loss?

stop sign - Stop LossStop Loss automatically pauses down ads that are exceeding your target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) or not meeting your yield goal. When you use this feature in Nanigans, you can select how far you’re willing to go beyond your goal before pausing an ad. For example, if using Stop Loss on a CPA goal of $3.00, entering 20% means any ad with a CPA over $3.60 will be paused. For a Stop Loss yield goal of 200%, entering 50% means any ad with a yield lower than 150% will be paused. Additionally, you can indicate your data significance requirements in the software before an ad gets paused – meaning, you can instruct Nanigans not to pause an ad for which it’s only acquired a handful of clicks.

Why Do You Need Stop Loss?

Staying ahead of your social advertising competitors requires an aggressive approach to bidding and budgeting. However, we can provide a safety net to ensure that you don’t deplete your budget by paying too much for a click, install or other conversion. Employing Stop Loss is the most effective way to protect against this risk.

Another benefit of Stop Loss is that it’s automated, so you don’t need to spend hours monitoring individual ad performance and bids. This gives you the freedom to devote your time and focus to long-term initiatives like scaling your ad campaigns to drive more revenue for your business.

An Example Of Stop Loss In Action

Stop Loss recently helped one of Russia’s largest game developers, Playkot, achieve higher ROI at scale with its new game Tropic Storm. Playkot’s in-house advertising team used Nanigans’ Stop Loss feature to eliminate the risk of inefficient ads. With Stop Loss, Playkot ensured that any ad that wasn’t delivering optimal ROI would be automatically paused, preventing damage to bottom-line performance. By using this and other predictive optimization features within Nanigans, Playkot was able to achieve the following results:

Playkot Case Study Results - Stop Loss

Want to see similar results for your social ad campaigns? Learn how Nanigans’ Stop Loss and other features can help your ad campaigns succeed:

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