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Top Score: High-Value User Acquisition For Mobile Game Advertisers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

For advertising teams at mobile game developers, user acquisition is often the name of the game — but not just any new download will do. The long-term success of a title is dependent on attracting high-value users who will continually engage with your mobile app, making in-game purchases and generating revenue for your company over time.

How can you optimize your ad campaigns to draw in and retain these most valuable players? Here’s how advertising automation software like Nanigans can help.

Identify Revenue Drivers

Revenue Drivers - Acquire high value players mobile gameTo attract high-value users, you need a complete understanding of the user experience within your game. Tracking downstream purchase events will give you the insight to identify which in-game actions signal the greatest revenue potential. For example, you may notice that players are most likely to make an in-app purchase when they reach a particular level in your game. Once you access this information, you’ll be able to feed that data into machine learning optimization, which in turn will help you draw more high-value users.

Nanigans’ Cohort Analysis tool is a visual way to track in-app purchases – not just a few days after your ad campaign has launched, but months down the line. With Cohort Analysis, you can understand which customer segments have generated the greatest lifetime value, and use that knowledge to reach similar audiences through digital advertising.

Increase The Value Of Your User Base

increase value - Acquire high value players mobile game

Optimizing ad spend toward lifetime value (LTV) can help you determine which audiences will be most likely to deliver the highest returns for your game. Using Nanigans’ value-based machine learning algorithms to optimize ad spend, advertisers ensure that digital marketing dollars go toward aquiring repeat in-app purchasers, rather than one-off installers. Not only will this strategy help increase your return on ad spend, but it will also ensure that your ads reach audiences who will drive revenue to your company for years to come.

Scale Your Acquisition Success

Once you’ve identified your most valuable gamers, you’ll want to attract more users like them. With Nanigans, you’ll not only be able to easily scale your user acquisition, but you’ll have several tried and true tools that will allow you to sustainably grow your audience by reaching audiences who will drive long-term growth.

Automated creative testing recently helped gaming company IGG achieve outstanding results on its Facebook ad campaign. By running a creative test, IGG determined that video mobile app install ads delivered 20% lower cost per install and 2X higher ROI than other ad formats. Armed with this knowledge, IGG can confidently scale its video ad campaigns with data-backed ad creative that will ensure future success.

Ready to mobilize your marketing team? Nanigans’ lightweight mobile SDK provides real-time insights into in-app events or milestones that can be used to further improve campaign outcomes.

When mobile gaming company PlayQ integrated the Nanigans SDK with puzzle adventure game Charm King, they discovered that Facebook’s carousel ads drove the strongest returns, producing twice the volume and 10% higher yield than standard image ads. With transparent insight into how specific creatives and targeting segments were leading to higher ROI down the line, PlayQ can make much more informed decisions around strategy.

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