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‘Tis the Season to Retarget: Holiday Advertising Strategies for Retail Marketers

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

For retailers hoping to capture more revenue this holiday season, retargeting is essential. Q4 is the most competitive time of the year for advertisers, with every retailer trying to reach the large horde of shoppers searching for the perfect holiday gift. Retargeting your ads on social media is a great way to reach these buyers and drive them to make a purchase.

Here are a couple retargeting strategies that will ensure a happy and prosperous holiday shopping season, plus tips for maximizing ad spend.

Gift - holiday shopping season retargetingCapitalize on Intent with Custom Audiences

No retargeting strategy would be complete without the inclusion of Custom Audiences. This retargeting option on Facebook and Instagram allows you to build curated lists in order to stay in contact with existing customers or new visitors to your website or mobile app. You can create Custom Audiences from lists of email addresses, phone numbers, collected IDs from a pixel on your website or a mobile app SDK.

During the holiday season Custom Audiences can help you grow advertising revenue in a couple of key ways: (1) You can sell to people who are already familiar with your company and products, promoting exclusive holiday deals to those who frequently purchase from your brand. (2) You can also address common conversion issues such as shopping cart abandonmentget by getting in front of browsers as they’re still considering making a first-time purchase.

snowman - holiday shopping season retargetingWin Over the Shoppers That Got Away with Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads take retargeting to another level. This ad unit not only helps promote relevant products to Facebook and Instagram users based on items they have browsed on your website, but it does so in an automated fashion. Dynamic Ads can show multiple products in a mobile-friendly carousel ad format, displaying only items that are still in stock based on your retail inventory.

As users are researching gifts for a large list of family and friends, Dynamic Ads are a great way to remind them of why they visited your website and to inspire them to return and make a purchase.

To learn more about how Dynamic Ads can help boost your business, read our latest ecommerce playbook:

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Inspire Customers to Spend More

Once a shopper has made a purchase on your website, the opportunity for revenue isn’t over. Dynamic Ads are also a handy tool for driving more purchases. For instance, you can serve a customer who just bought a new pair of running shoes on your site a Dynamic Ad promoting matching laces for their new shoes, or other items that might complete an excercise outfit like a sports bra or track pants.

For even more retail marketing strategies that will help boost your ROAS over Q4, check out our free holiday guide:

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