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Why Mobile App Advertisers Need to Think Beyond the Install

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

For mobile app advertisers, the story doesn’t end after users hit the “install” button on an ad. Data-driven advertisers need to know what happens long after the install, and how their ad spend results in in-app revenue generating activity.

Insights gleaned from actions within your app can help help you find more valuable customers, retain the users that you already have, better attribute value in your marketing mix, and ultimately accelerate growth at scale.

The key to this knowledge lies in an end-to-end mobile measurement solution that can unlock 100% transparency into how your ad spend is turning into profit. For top app advertisers around the world, Nanigans’ mobile SDK helps them accomplish that goal and more.

Measure Beyond the App Install

In 2016, a staggering 23% of mobile apps are only used once in the first six months after they’re installed. If you’re investing ad budgets in user acquisition for your app, there’s a good chance you’re bringing on new users who may never engage with your app again. The ability to measure how someone introduced to your app via an ad on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter engages over time is essential for profitable advertising at scale.

Nanigans’ mobile SDK is a lightweight, auto-updating toolkit that takes the complexity out of mobile measurement. Based on your own custom attribution models, the SDK can measure whichever in-app activities — like product add-to-carts and purchases, or game level-ups — generate value for your business.

Measuring the activity of acquired users in your app is the first step toward optimizing future advertising efforts for greater scale, efficiency, and ROI.

Optimize Ad Spend for True Value

Judging the effectiveness of mobile app install ad campaigns solely on acquisition costs can often mean you’re leaving significant revenue on the table. A profit-driven advertising approach puts the focus not on costs, but on actual revenue, profit, and value generated from your ad investments.

When you have closed-loop attribution and full measurement of the customer conversion journey in your app, Nanigans’ mobile SDK puts that intelligence to work optimizing ad spend in real-time across channels.

For example, instead of adjusting bids and budgets on a Facebook ad campaign to acquire only low-cost users, you can optimize campaigns to target more users like those who continue to make in-app purchases weeks and months after the initial install. Nanigans’ mobile SDK feeds real-time data on in-app conversions back into campaign optimization automatically, giving you critical data for more strategic decisioning.

What’s the bottom-line impact of value-driven optimization?

In a study of large-scale mobile app advertisers, those using Nanigans’ SDK not only had much greater confidence in setting higher ROAS goals for their Facebook campaigns, but they consistently exceeded their goals by an average of 33%.

ROAS Goal vs. Performance: With and without Nanigans Mobile SDK

To learn more about how you can improve measurement and optimization of your mobile app user acquisition, request a demo of Nanigans today.

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