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How Top Game Advertisers Launch, Measure, and Scale Campaigns with Nanigans

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

When the name of the game is growth, in-house advertising teams must arm themselves with the right tools for the job. Growing your mobile game’s user base and scaling ad spend on Facebook can go hand-in-hand when you take a profit-driven approach to user acquisition.

There are a million moving pieces to any mobile game ad campaign, but three stages call for expert strategy and sophisticated technology:

How are some top game developers approaching launching, measuring, and scaling their Facebook ad campaigns with Nanigans? Here’s a look at some winning strategies and the impressive returns they can produce.

Launching large-scale campaigns

The introduction of a new mobile game is a pivotal moment, and quickly gaining a critical mass of users is often the primary goal.

When Elex, a leading Chinese gaming company, was ready to launch Magic Rush on Android to the world, they took advantage of Nanigans’ campaign workflow architecture specifically designed for building and managing campaigns on a massive scale.

[testimonial position=”Steven Lee” name=”Digital Marketing Team Lead” company=”Elex” quote=”Nanigans software can bulk create thousands of ads and then manage them individually towards a different end goal. The predictive algorithms enabled us to achieve our KPIs consistently every day for four months, while scaling in a sustainable fashion.”]

“Elex: Magic Rush Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Elex’s in-house advertising team saved time and reduced the risk of costly errors by automating the creation of thousands of different ad creative and audience combinations in Nanigans. The platform’s reusable ad building blocks — audiences, creatives, and contexts — meant Elex could more quickly stage countless mobile app install ad variations in preparation for the launch.

To manage all those ad variations, Elex employed Nanigans’ audience override tools, which allowed for different CPI goals for ads and audiences in each targeted geographic market. This highly scalable granular control gave Elex the ability to confidently move forward with an enormous launch campaign without the risk of inefficient or wasted ad spend.

The result? 12X growth in new daily game installs in just four months. Click here for more of the story behind Elex’s successful campaign launch.

Measuring and analyzing returns

Measuring and optimizing performance is essential at any stage of a campaign, but it’s especially important during and immediately after a game’s initial launch.

Before you scale ad spend (and user growth), you must have a firm understanding of what’s working and what’s not. When Playdemic looked to drive higher Facebook advertising ROI for the Village Life game, their in-house team realized firsthand the value of strategic measurement and analysis.

Playdemic implemented Nanigans’ mobile SDK into their app to close the loop on attribution. With deep insights on in-app conversions that occurred long after a user first installed Village Life, Playdemic could discover which ad tactics were helping acquire the highest value users. Real-time data from in-app purchases feeds directly into Nanigans’ revenue optimization, enabling Playdemic to capitalize on this insight to fuel more profitable acquisition campaigns.

Playdemic VIllage Life

Through Nanigans’ highly flexible reporting tools and customizable performance metrics, Playdemic was also able to directly analyze Facebook ad spend and resulting revenue in one interface, tying ROI back to every granular campaign variable.

For the complete story on how Playdemic achieved 100% ROI using Nanigans’ revenue optimization on Facebook, click here to learn more.

Scaling success profitably

Once you know what drives high-value user acquisition, building and iterating on those strategies is the next step for scaling successful campaigns on Facebook.

PlaykotPlaykot saw huge potential to scale and optimize ROI for their newest game title, Tropic Storm, using Facebook’s app install ads. With the goal of dramatically scaling revenue-generating returns, Playkot’s in-house advertising team leveraged the full-stack capabilities of Nanigans software, from predictive revenue optimization to customizable real-time reporting.

Since efficiency becomes even more critical at scale, Playkot activated Nanigans’ stop loss protection to ensure that any ad that wasn’t delivering optimal ROI would be automatically paused, preventing damage to bottom-line performance.

At the same time, Playkot’s team used Nanigans to closely track revenue in order to place more intelligent bids and reach higher value players on Facebook. They did this using Nanigans’ machine learning algorithms, which optimize bids and budgets based on real-time data on downstream actions, like purchases, from within the game.

Armed with effective revenue optimization and new audience insights, Playkot quickly scaled campaigns. While they started advertising only in France and Australia, the team rapidly expanded to 24 countries—all while optimizing toward ambitious ROI goals.

Thanks to a strategic approach and technology designed to enable scale, Playkot grew daily ad spend 60% while driving 59% higher average revenue per user. Click here to lean more about what made Playkot so successful at scale.

Learn how today’s leading mobile game advertisers are using Nanigans to help them meet and exceed revenue growth on Facebook and beyond.

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