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Social Advertising Benchmark Reports: How Do Your Ad Campaigns Stack Up?

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

How do your advertising results compare to your competitors? While many marketers are concerned about whether their advertising campaigns reach performance goals, they need to keep an eye on their industry-wide performance as well. That’s why Nanigans offers comprehensive benchmark reports. Each report leverages the Nanigans database of billions of digital advertising impressions to deliver comprehensive insight on which trends are dominating the social landscape.

To determine how your advertising efforts measure up, take a look at the following collection of past advertising benchmark reports.

Facebook Advertising Benchmarks


Q1 2016

Q2 2016

Q3 2016

Q4 2016


Q1 2015

Q2 2015

Q3 2015

Q4 2015


Q1 2014

Q2 2014

Q3 2014

Q4 2014

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Instagram Advertising Benchmarks

December 2015

June 2016

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