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4 Retailers Driving Purchases with Slideshow Ads on Facebook and Instagram

Written by: Carolyn Berk, Content Marketing Associate

Video advertising is on the rise, and no where is that more apparent than on Facebook and Instagram. According to a recent study of Nanigans users, video ad budgets rose 119% between Q4 2015 and Q4 2016.

While video may the hottest trend in social advertising, not every marketing team has the resources on hand to create high-quality video. That’s where slideshow ads come in. This Facebook and Instagram ad unit makes it easy for advertisers to create video ads from still images. In addition, they’re also an ideal ad unit to target towards users on basic devices or in areas with poor connectivity.

The visual nature of slideshow ads makes them a perfect fit for retailers, who tend to already have multiple images of their products. How can retail advertisers get started creating revenue-generating slideshow ads? Get inspiration from these four brands that are using next-level strategies to drive sales.

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as compelling examples, and are not Nanigans customers unless expressly noted. 

1. Nordstrom keeps it simple

Slideshow ads can act as a digital catalog so advertisers can promote multiple products to audiences. If you already have a collection of high-quality images that promote products on your site, you can repurpose those photos into a slideshow ad.

Nordstrom’s slideshow ad on Instagram focuses on a variety of items in its spring collection. This ad works particularly well because each image consistently sticks to the same theme. Instead of attempting to cover its wide range of products, Nordstrom only displays items that would interest the audiences that it targets this ad towards (in this case, women’s spring fashion). Additionally, each image in the ad only features one item or one look, making it easy for audiences to digest instead of overwhelming them with multiple products.

2. Old Navy shares styling tips

Retailers can make their social ads valuable to their target audiences by offering helpful advice and tips. Viewers will value ads that offer actionable strategies that can help them up their style game. Instead of only promoting your brand or your products, try sharing advice that will get viewers interested while making your products more memorable.

Old Navy could easily use its Facebook slideshow ad to introduce viewers to clothing that fits into the latest 90’s style craze. Instead, the brand gives audiences helpful styling tips that allows them to use Old Navy clothes, in addition to items they may already own, to create an eye-catching, 90’s inspired look.

3. HomeGoods builds a narrative

Retail advertisers can also use slideshow ads to tell a progressing story with each image. Doing this will keep audiences hooked throughout the entire ad, and give you the opportunity to share your products in an interesting and engaging way. Just make sure the narrative you tell is easy to follow so audiences don’t have to struggle to understand your ad.

Home Goods - Facebook Instagram Slideshow ads

HomeGoods’ slideshow ad on Instagram builds in an easy-to-follow narrative. Starting with a blank slate, each image adds a HomeGoods product to transform a room to a Parisian-style study. Audiences view through the entire ad in order to watch the room evolve while subtly learning about the products and styles they can get when shopping at HomeGoods.

4. Lo & Sons provides a 360-degree view of product function

Running a slideshow ad doesn’t mean you need to try and cram every one of your company’s products into one ad unit. In fact, some of the most effective ads are ones that offer multiple looks of just one item. The ad’s numerous image options gives you the opportunity to highlight the various benefits and looks of your product, giving audiences a thorough introduction to a product and driving them to purchase.

Lo & Sons uses a Facebook slideshow ad to display several functions of its Hanover bag. Many of the ad’s images are dedicated to displaying one benefit or function of the bag, like its removable padded insert or straps designed to attach to suitcases for easy travel. The ad’s other images speaks to the bags style, and shows off high-fashion images of a model using the bag in real life. This well-rounded introduction gives audiences a 360-degree view of Lo & Son’s product and offerings several compelling motivators to drive audiences to purchase.

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